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   Chapter 812 Fighting The Holy Daughter Of New Moon Sect (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6050

Updated: 2019-09-02 00:12

"Stop your grumbling and nonsense. It wouldn't buy you additional time you know. You are about to meet your maker, Austin!"

The Holy Daughter of New Moon Sect executed the Phoenix Secret Skill, which gave her a majestic aura and made her look nobler and purer, just like a beautiful angel from the heavens.

She stood suspended in mid-air as her green robes fluttered with the wind, as if she had been a goddess floating in the clouds.


The phoenix's huge talons radiated a dazzling light which covered a large portion of the sky. While it preyed on Austin, its sharp nails tore the space, which created a creepy sight.

With a wave of his hands, Austin summoned the Purple Vital Stone and the Golden Emperor Seal. With a treasure on each palm, he hurriedly channeled vital energy into them.

Then the two treasures transformed into a towering mountain and an enormous golden seal which tackled the large talons of the phoenix head on.

"Bang! Bang!"

The Purple Vital Stone and the Golden Emperor Seal were swept aside by the huge talons and returned to Austin.

The treasures slowed down the huge talons by only a few seconds, but they still advanced towards Austin.

Austin practiced the Thunderbolt Movement Skill and dodged aside quickly leaving splutters and streaks of lightning behind him.

He urged his vital energy which soon circulated rapidly all over his body, then three vital energy swords materialized up above his head. They gradually grew larger and larger.

The huge swords were wrapped with golden flames and they emitted a powerful sword intent which crackled in the air.

They connected together and formed a huge round sword aura. Once it fully formed, it immediately sped towards the talon of the phoenix which aimed to slice it down.

It was the Flamin

lack hole.

Austin suddenly felt weak and light headed, as if he had been subdued by a greater force, and the thought of giving up fleeted his mind.

"Gnome, prepare to use spiritual sense attack!"

During that crucial moment, Austin connected with the gnome via his spiritual sense, then he overcame the pressure from the phoenix blood using his physical strength.

The Phoenix Secret Skill executed by the Holy Daughter of New Moon Sect was too powerful, so Austin was not sure whether he could defeat it. But it was still worth a try.

Most importantly, the Holy Daughter's cultivation base was at the medium stage of Master Realm which was higher than Austin's. Austin only had the upper hand when it came to their spiritual sense level. It was definitely quite risky to face her head on but he had no other choice.

The gnome suddenly came out from the space nearby. He instantly released five beast soul energy paws aimed straight towards the Holy Daughter.

At the same time, Austin used the Demon-creating Skill.

A few seconds later, a spiritual demon with a twisted face appeared in the Holy Daughter's Soul Sea and pounced upon her spiritual soul, like a cat pouncing on a mouse.

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