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   Chapter 811 Do You Think You Can Fight Me And Win

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The appreciation for the swordsmanship skills recorded by the Sword Emperor was not only elaborate but also profound.

The records showed that not only did he have a good grasp of the essentials of swordsmanship skills but he also had the expertise in that area. All the knowledge was clearly and comprehensively recorded.

Austin immersed himself in the exploration of appreciation presented by the records of the Sword Emperor. He hoped that every word and sentence would get ingrained in his mind and heart. He was deeply inspired by what he was learning about the swordsmanship skills and the Sword Emperor himself.

As he comprehended it further, he stood up. Taking his long sword in one hand, he began to practice.

The sword skills which he had learned before could be performed smoothly and skillfully at the moment.

He was now absorbed in comprehending the mystery of swordsmanship. He wanted to drive away all worldly distractions and enter the state of selflessness and nothingness.

He wanted to focus such that there was nothing else in his world but the swordsmanship. He cleared his mind and got ready to reach that state by meditation.

Three days passed by.

During these three days, Austin was completely absorbed. He sat so motionless that sometimes he looked like a stone statue, sitting on the ground without a movement.

But sometimes he looked like a dragon flying in the sky. That was when he performed his sword skill perfectly with incredible sword radiance.

Time went by. Now it was already the fifth day of Austin's meditation. When Austin was meditating, he suddenly heard a crisp sound ring in his soul.

A realization struck him. 'Level four sword potential!'

Austin was surprised to find out that after only five days of meditating and practicing swordsmanship skill, he could make an improvement of one level of sword potential.

Among the three swordsmanship skills left by the Sword Emperor, one was called Swift Thunder Swordsmanship.

Only when a cultivator obtained level five sword potential, he could have the strength to practice this swordsmanship skill.

This meant that with one level advancement in sword potential, Austin would be ready.

He could then begin practicing this swordsmanship skill.

Undoubtedly the swordsmanship skills left by the Sword Emperor were extraordinary.

Thus, Austin was filled with anticipation about the power of the Swift Thunder Swordsmanship. He was eager to acquire it. . .

After he had acquired the level four sword potential, Austin stopped meditating.

He asked the gnome to move out and check the surroundings with spiritual sense.

Upon receiving his order, the gnome immediately teleported himself outside.

He appeared in front of the pit, releasing his beast soul energy to perceive the surroundings as asked by Austin.

He kept probing the area across the distance of a few miles several times.

He found no soul present there.

It looked like everybody had gone off.

The gnome did not find it strange.

Austin had been hiding himself in the City for nearly half a month now. His secret abode was safe from any intruders.

The Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch along with the

d playing the harp to attack him.

"The preliminary stage of Imperial Realm!

Be careful, Winnie! It looks like he has had a break through into the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm!"

Isis cautioned Winnie when she discovered the fact from the vital energy power that Austin had released.

Winnie, the Holy Daughter of the New Moon Sect, was aware of it too and nodded in acceptance of the warning.

"Avenge me, Winnie!" Isis cried out.

She knew that she was no match for Austin, so she asked Winnie to avenge her.

"Austin, I must admit that you are indeed a tough opponent.

But if you think you can bully the disciples of the five sects of Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom and get away with it, I would say you are absolutely wrong.

The combined force of the five sects is what you can never compare with,"

the Holy Daughter spoke with pride. Standing erect in the wind, she was in a green dress with cascading lace flowing in the air. She was so pretty. She looked confident, pure and also exuded a bit of glamour.

Suddenly, a high-pitched sound like that of a phoenix rang out in her body. It echoed in the air.

Soon, the shadow of a phoenix emerged from her body. It soared high into the sky.

"Phoenix Secret Skill!"

Isis couldn't help exclaiming when she saw the shadow of the phoenix show up.

"Phoenix Secret Skill?"

Austin murmured with seriousness in his eyes as he watched the shadow of the phoenix whirl around the Holy Daughter. He hadn't seen this coming.

He could sense a strong power that belonged to the sacred beast of the ancient times from the shadow of the phoenix. And he even felt a disturbance in his blood circulation.

"Austin, I will make you pay for what you have done!"

the Holy Daughter said coldly with distrust and hatred evident in her voice. There was no other emotion in her voice.

At the same time, the phoenix shadow also glared its eyes at Austin coldly.


Really? Do you think you can fight me and win?" Austin asked in reply.

Hardly had he finished his words, he felt a sharp power that seemed to have taken hold of him. He felt a strong grip on him!

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