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   Chapter 809 The Preliminary Stage Of Imperial Realm

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Austin sat behind the pile of superior vital energy crystals, constantly healing himself for three to four days.

He found that during the process, the Earthly Mother Essence mostly helped him.

It had a feature of admitting everything like the earth, which not only mended his injured energy meridians, but also reformed, broaden, and thicken them.

After the reconstruction of his energy meridians, the amount of vital energy it could hold had now been expanded ten times more.

Before they were like small streams, however, now, they were like great rivers with strong currents!

Five days later, Austin waved his sleeve, and the leftovers of the pile of superior vital energy crystals were swept away.

Then with his mind control, a new pile of superior vital energy crystals appeared from his Space Ring.

In just ten days, Austin used up three piles of superior vital energy crystals in total.

Even though it was quite a number, it had greatly helped in his recovery. And now, he was fully healed.

Not just healed, but his body was even stronger than before.

The most fascinating change was the expanded holding capacity of his energy meridians.

While Austin was healing himself, he also came close to a breakthrough.

Actually, when he was on the platform and tried to comprehend the Fire Stela, he had noticed that he seemed able to break through the next level of cultivation base.

Now, that feeling was even stronger after his recovery.

In fact, Austin was even more determined to advance and progress to the Imperial Realm than ever before.

A vital energy force was released and the residue of the superior vital energy crystals, from which the spiritual energy had been absorbed by Austin, was swept aside.

Then Austin took out another pile of superior vital energy crystals and put them around himself like a massive tall wall.

He activated the Golden Sun Scripture inside his body and tried to break the blocks that prevented him from improving his cultivation base.

The vital energy in his body smoothly ran within the energy meridians, billowing with immense power.

The wall of the superior vital energy crystals was effected instantly, and the spiritual energy contained inside it gushed out, covering Austin's body.

Two days passed, and Austin changed the superior vital energy crystals with new ones twice.

Another two days later, Austin, who had been patiently sitting, suddenly felt his body quivered dramatically. In just seconds, a surge of powerful force came out of his body.

The vital energy contained in the wall of superior spiritual energy crystals had been totally consumed, and the remains of the crystals were spread in all direction.

Specks of white dust flew everywhere like clouds scattered in the sky.

Austin suddenly opened his eyes; his gaze was intense and sharp as blades.

He had finally reached the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm!

Sensing his stronger vital energy, Austin was highly satisfied. His efforts were definitely not in vain.

ense forces started to give off the presence and location of the gnome.

Aware of the situation, the gnome immediately hid into the void.

A surge of spiritual sense forces swept the place all at the same time, trying to detect what entity could be present around.

The gnome communicated with Austin, and he was transmitted back into the City at once.

Outside the City, three of the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch arrived at the place where the gnome was.

They searched carefully but was instead left confused when they found nothing. . .

Meanwhile, Austin was quite frustrated as he paced back and forth.

He did not expect that there were still people outside who kept looking for him after more than ten days.

Especially those Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch!

As per Isis and the Holy Daughter of the New Moon Sect, Austin knew clearly that they were after the Fire Stela not to learn something, but to find him and defeat him.

He was aware that going outside would be too reckless and dangerous, so he decided to stay a bit longer in the City until the rest of his enemies gave up on chasing after him.

Now that he had so much time to spare, Austin decided to learn the sword skills left by the Sword Emperor.

The gnome and Violet were busy cultivating themselves as well.

Violet, who was a mere level nine demonic beast, was serious about making a breakthrough.

As a nine-tailed demon fox, she was quite a unique species who inherited the noble bloodline.

So she felt enormous pressure and was eager to improve her cultivation base, as her level was relatively low.

As such, she spent most of her time focusing on her cultivation training.

At the same time, while everyone was busy with their own business, Austin found an empty street and sat down to start his own practice.

Inside his Soul Sea, the Sword Emperor's sword skills and experience were flowing smoothly.

Immediately, Austin collected his thoughts and started learning the sword skills.

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