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   Chapter 809 Break Away From The Pursuing Forces

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10689

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A dozen Master Realm warriors who ran after Austin were closing on him already.

They would catch up with Austin in less than ten seconds.

As elites from five major sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, these Holy Sons and Daughters and the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch were all experts in the Master Realm cultivation base and occult martial arts skill. They were the best of the best so to speak.

They had effortlessly matched Austin's speed as they exercised their bodily movement skills.

What was more, Austin was heavily wounded, which slowed down and restricted his movements.

Austin relied on his elixirs and divine energy crystals in order to replenish his vital energy, which helped in boosting his Thunderbolt Movement Skill despite of his handicap.

However his injured energy meridians and poor vital energy circulation gradually lowered his speed.

During these kinds of emergencies, Austin made sure that he was linked with the City in his pocket via his spiritual sense so he could easily teleport himself into the City anytime he needed to. It was his last resort when things went stale.

But Austin was very reluctant to teleport himself into the City when the eyes of those pursuing warriors were fixed on him, because they would definitely discover his secret hideout in a flash.

It would be disastrous if anyone would find out about Austin's secret weapon. It would definitely wreck his plans.

For example, someone could arrange for an array which had the ability to cripple spatial teleportation in advance once they knew what Austin was capable of this time. If that happened, Austin would be certainly cornered.

But because of the critical situation, Austin decided not to overthink everything despite of the risk. Getting out alive was his top priority.

Determined, Austin lifted his head and looked around.

He noticed a small col not far from him. It was filled with jagged and grotesque rocks which varied in sizes. Some were small while some were taller than a normal adult.

Without further hesitation, Austin flew straight towards the col with a plan in mind.

In the blink of an eye, he delivered a dozen punches and smashed some of the jagged rocks into powder.

With every explosion of rocks, clouds of fine dust danced in the air within the col. It was as if a sand storm was passing by the area.

As the dust swirling about created a blanket of mist, Austin took this chance and teleported himself into the City, vanishing into thin air.

The City then shrunk into a grain of sand and mingled with the dust which filled the sky. . . . .

Boom, boom, boom.

Just a few seconds after Austin disappeared, a dozen figures cracked open the space and landed in the small col.

The Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch, the Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect, Mr. Gold Hand of the Magic Hand Sect, and the Holy Daughter of the New Moon Sect all arrived at the area together.

The Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect gently tapped the giant puppet bird, and as the bird flapped its wings, two hurricanes began to form and drove the blanket of dust away.

All the stones and dust were sent flying into

asten the recovery of your energy meridians,"

the gnome gently reminded Austin.

"Really? Why haven't I thought of that before?!"

Austin got pleasantly surprised.

It was true that his energy meridians were seriously damaged. Some of them had even cracked open, which attributed to the poor circulation of his vital energy. They were like broken hoses which were leaking with water.

His vital energy cultivation base would be adversely affected if the damaged energy meridians did not recover. It was a risk he was not willing to take.

Thinking of this, Austin seated himself and took out a bottle of the Earthly Mother Essence and chugged it in his mouth.

With a wave of his hand, piles of superior vital energy crystals formed a thick vital energy crystal bubble which encircled Austin tightly.

Over a hundred divine vital energy crystals piled around Austin, which gave off a dazzling light. It was as if Austin was sparkling.

Meanwhile, Austin took out a batch of elixirs with different levels from his Space Ring and drank them one-by-one.

Then, he sat quietly and meditated as he began his healing process.

The Earthly Mother Essence seeped into every wounded energy meridian as it entered Austin's body. It was so effective in healing his wounds and which helped swiftly recover those wounded energy meridians.

The elixirs which he drank also transformed into streams of tremendous spiritual energy, which efficiently nourished Austin's internal organs.

With the use of his mind, he controlled the golden ball in his elixir field which also flew out and was suspended in front of him.

The vital energy contained in the piles of divine vital energy crystals and superior vital energy crystals poured into the golden light like a mighty ocean, as beams of gold radiated in his elixir field.

As the elixirs and energy crystals slowly took effect, Austin only felt that his body was surrounded by a rich and abundant spiritual energy. Even his breathing began to feel less labored and gradually settled into a calm rhythm.

He could feel that his wounds gradually healed and recovered.

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