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   Chapter 808 Chased By Numerous Enemy

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 11188

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Austin grew excited after reading the outline of the Golden Sun Scripture.

However, the excitement only lasted for a short time.

Because Austin suddenly realized a severe problem.

Austin was frighteningly surprised to discover that the Fire Stela melt into his elixir field.

That meant all cultivators could exert their vital energy at will without being suppressed by the Fire Stela.

That was a bad omen, and he clearly knew it.

Realizing the situation was not good, Austin was in no mood to pay attention to the formula of the Golden Sun Scripture for the time being.

All of a sudden, the Thunderbolt Movement Skill was deployed quicker than breathing.

In the blink of an eye, all the cultivators on the platform disappeared instantaneously, dashing outward.

For they thought that the Fire Stela would fall down and crush Austin into minced meat.

To their surprise, the Fire Stela didn't harm him at all. On the contrary, it even unexpectedly dissolved into Austin's body.

The reputation of Fire Stela had been widely circulated in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. No one thought that it would just dissolve into a man's body, disappearing forever.

It was hard for every cultivator to accept such an outcome. The result was definitely surprising, so everyone reacted that way.

A few seconds later, as everyone was dumbfounded, the entire place was filled with a stillness of quiet.

The next thing they knew, Austin was moving in a speed of light, rushing from platform to the outside. All the cultivators present were caught in an even more utter surprise!

It only took Austin less than one second to reach the edge of the platform.

"Austin would take the formula of Fire Stela away! We can't let him go!"

Someone burst out a shout amidst the silence of shock.

Luckily, they all returned to their consciousness and realized the gravity of the situation.

All the cultivators realized that their cultivation base was no longer suppressed.

"Now, I can use my vital energy at any time!"

Someone exclaimed excitedly and heaved a sigh of relief. . .

"Austin, hand over the Stela and go to hell!"

Sky Sect's Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch were all at the premium stage of Master Realm, so they responded very quickly and immediately got ready to fight with Austin.

"Super Collective Array!" shouted a young man who was tall and slim.

Hearing the words, the ten disciples immediately exchanged positions and formed a mysterious pattern.

All of a sudden, a shaft of vital energy column, the diameter of which was as wide as a bucket, broke through the limit of space and appeared at Austin's back.

Then, without warning, it struck Austin from behind.

Austin felt an enormous force charging towards his body.

However, the speed of the column was highly swift and fast, rendering Austin unresponsive.

In that critical moment, Austin could only release seventy thousand pounds of physical force.

Then, he gave a pat on his body to initiate another skill, and suddenly, people saw him covered by an Arhat Golden Bell.

As soon as Austin waved his hand, two brilliant shafts of golden light were shot from behind his back.

They were respectively the Purple Vital Stone and Golden Emperor Seal.

Austin had placed vital energy into the Purple Vital Stone

in must have had the unrivaled cultivation method hidden inside the Fire Stela.

Furthermore, not long ago, the news that he acquired the treasure of Sword Emperor in the Sunset Mountain had also spread out, creating a ruckus with various groups of cultivators on his tail.

A unique formula and the treasure of the Sword Emperor! Austin was one lucky and envied bastard!

At the thought of it, the eyes of all the cultivators on the platform perversely turned green.

They desperately chased after Austin, eager to take possession of the precious formula.

Thousands of cultivators surging forward on his chase looked like an ocean wave in the distance. It was a magnificent view of greedy and cunning warriors who all gathered in one devious pursuit!. .

Austin released his spiritual sense and perceived the situation.

He was amused at the sight of such a view. Frankly, the cultivators looked funny and absurd together.

'Damn it! It is not an event of marathon. Why are there so many people chasing after me?'

Afraid of being captured, Austin dared not take his pursuers lightly and immediately exerted his Thunderbolt Movement Skill to its extreme.

Shadows of figures flickered among the mountains, casting a vast expanse of red shades before the sunset.

At the same time, as he was running for quite some time, Austin felt how severe the wound inside his body was.

Both his vital organs and energy meridians suffered a heavy blow. Even his body tissues were torn into fractional pieces.

Several blood vessels burst open, and blood poured out of them and permeated into his organs.

Some of his energy meridians were broken where vital energy was drained out to the extent that nothing flowed.

That was the first time that Austin suffered such severe injury.

However, while Austin worried about his body damage, there were still thousands of chasers desperately hunting him down.

Aside from the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch, the Holy Daughter was also after him.

Austin knew if he wouldn't get quickly away from them, it was possible that he could be killed. What was worse, he would have bled to death before they caught him if he couldn't get immediate medication.

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