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   Chapter 806 The Complete Golden Sun Scripture! (Part Two)

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The Fire Stela will blow up any second now!"

the cultivators shouted and began to run to save their lives.

The Fire Stela had been there in the sky for such a long time and now it would land before them. The eyes of all the cultivators were fixed at it. There was something so mysterious about it.

But no one dared to stay on the platform to watch and withstand the destruction that would be created by explosion of the Fire Stela.

Even the Holy Daughter, the Holy Son and the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch of the Sky Sect did not have the courage to do so.

In a split second, everyone rushed off and there was no one else within hundreds of meters around the Fire Stela.

While all rushed far away to save themselves, Austin's body was still not able to move. He felt that a great force was falling from high and was getting closer to him. He was filled with anxiousness.

He kept trying his best to communicate with the City that he had brought with him, in the hope that he could be transported to that City. It was the only way for him to avoid the approaching disaster.

However, the teleportation power of the City did not appear, even though he tried hard.

So he finally accepted that he could not be transported out of this catastrophe in any condition!. .

"Ha ha! That guy is about to be smashed by the explosion!"

"I was thinking that Austin was lucky to obtain the precious scripture but I guess I was wrong.

It is quite clear now and I'm sure that he will be smashed to death in a moment!"

The falling Fire Stela was approaching faster. Seeing that it was about to explode and kill Austin, many of the cultivators started to feel happy.

They were so jealous and high-headed that they were ready to rejoice in someone else's misfortune.

The Fire Stela was huge. It was getting closer to the ground and its speed was increasing.

It was apparent that a person could not survive if he was hit by the falling Fire Stela. Everyone was certain that Austin would die or be injure

ond stage was learned well, one more would be added. And there would be two suns in the cultivator's elixir field.

And so on, the number of suns would increase as each stage was passed over.

If one finished learning all the nine stages, there would be nine suns in the cultivator's elixir field.

The Golden Sun Scripture would finish at the ninth stage!

At present, the golden light ball that was inside Austin was actually a sun.

That meant that Austin had finished learning the first stage of the Golden Sun Scripture.

He had made another discovery after reading the general instructions.

He came to know that the Golden Sun Scripture which he had obtained from the vital energy stone previously was actually the first part.

It had contained the details of the first to the fourth stage of the cultivation method.

And the part he received from the Fire Stela was the other part. It had the details regarding the remaining stages of the Golden Sun Scripture.

It contained the information from the fifth to the ninth stage of the cultivation method.

That meant Austin had got the complete Golden Sun Scripture with him now.

After reading the general instructions of the Golden Sun Scripture, Austin started to realize that he had obtained a lot this time. It turned out to be a great idea for him to come to the Fire Stela!

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