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   Chapter 805 The Complete Golden Sun Scripture! (Part One)

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All of a sudden, there was strange silence. The Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect did not speak anymore. He rushed towards that golden light.

His act got the other cultivators into action immediately. They knew what he was going to do and didn't want to be left behind.

"Right! If we break into that golden light, we might have the chance to obtain that precious scripture!" one cultivator said.

"We cannot just stand here and see Austin make use of the precious opportunity! We can't let him be the only one to get the chance.

We should go in and compete against him!"

Instantly after one of the cultivators shouted these words, a few of them nodded their heads in agreement and charged towards that golden light.


The Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect was the first one to hit the edge of the golden light.

But a tough force blocked him and made him bounce back.

He was shot backwards, about four or five hundred meters away. He could barely stop himself from falling. His face turned red and drops of blood could be seen around his lips. He wasn't just hurled off but was also hurt by the blow.

Apparently, he had been hurt fiercely by the power of the force which threw him backwards.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the same manner, the group of nearly ten cultivators was bounced back as well.

The cultivation base of all these cultivators was at the Imperial Realm. Each of them who was hit, fell to the ground and blood gushed from their mouths.

All of them had been hurt badly.

"What is going on here?" the other cultivators asked each other.

Seeing what had happened, the remaining ones stopped rushing towards the golden light. They were taken aback by the invisible force which had left so many cultivators injured.

Despite being so strong and positioned at the preliminary stage of Master Realm, the Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect too was not able to break into the golden light. That was the most surprising thing for all.

The cultivators at the Imperial Re

t! Is this my good luck or bad luck?' Austin asked himself.

He actually did not know what was happening to him.

"Look! The Fire Stela is shaking!"

shouted aloud someone all of a sudden.

All the cultivators raised their heads to watch the Fire Stela.

It was true! The Fire Stela started to shake vigorously.

Then an unexpected and weird thing happened.

The whole Fire Stela fell from the sky at a great speed. It smashed down on the platform with a force that no one had ever heard or seen.

Strong winds rumbled loudly and spread like a storm throughout the whole space. The color of the sky and the ground also changed after the collision!

The Fire Stela, which was more than two hundred meters high and more than one hundred meters wide, was falling from the sky. Instantly, the air on the platform started to stir furiously. It was happening so quickly that they didn't know what to do!

The golden light that the Fire Stela gave off was even brighter now. The air began to get heated and rose to unbearable degrees. The hot waves of air made the whole space extremely warm.

The whole event gave the people there a feeling that probably God was angry and was going to punish the people on the platform. The space on the platform including everything and everyone, would be smashed into pieces.

"Get out of here!

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