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   Chapter 804 The Fire Stela's Response

Rebirth of Martial God By Chang Du Characters: 9273

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The Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch of the Sky Sect breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Austin diverting his attention to the Fire Stela.

"Why don't we study the Fire Stela first? It's going to be easy for us to kill Austin the moment they disappear,"

the tall young man said as he gritted his teeth. He was still feeling incredibly drained out of all his energy and he had a sharp pain in his head.

His medium grade weapon was taken by Austin, which made everything more unbearably painful.

"Yes. He will be torn into pieces by us without any hope as long as the Fire Stela disappears!"

the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch said in chorus, angrily staring at Austin's back.

These ten warriors were famous among the youngsters in Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

Proud as they were, they would rather not have met Austin, as it was too humbling for them to be defeated that easily.

Now, in order to regain some extra power in order to fight against Austin, they all sat studying the Fire Stela.

Except for these ten, Isis, the Holy Daughter of New Moon Sect, Holy Son of Ghost Puppet Sect and Mr. Gold Hand of Magic Hand Sect were all aware that Austin was too strong to be defeated for now.

With that, they knew that it would be better for them to study the Fire Stela first.

Maybe they would be able to get some unexpected cultivation methods or skills or something. Half a loaf of bread was better than no bread, anyway.

Since everyone realized what they had to do by then, they all sat cross-legged at the platform with their eyes closed and meditated on the Fire Stela.

Soon, total silence befell the area.

Austin was sitting cross-legged, too. Like the others, he was showered in rays of golden light. In the old stories, this was called the light of Buddha.

Gradually Austin felt himself passing into a certain state, a state wherein he could sense many hazy intent realms.

The Fire Stela rose up and gave off countless rays of golden lights. It shined like the sun, and everyone below it basked in the glory of its light. The golden red vital energy flowed in the air, and everyone on the platform was nourished.

Everyone lucky enough to be under The Fire Stella felt like their energies were being recharged. They were all starting to recuperate.

That was not all, however -- every inch of their bodies and bones were actually being refined. All the dross of and in their bodies were being cleansed. They felt themselves passing on an upper grade not only in body, but in skills as well.

Just like the sun, the Fire Stela kept on shining, changing from season to season.

After a while, Austin came to realize why even though no one had been able to get the incomparabl

hen he started practicing the Golden Sun Scripture. He couldn't believe that he wasn't able to control it and it just rushed out by itself.

Would he lose it once and for all?

Thinking that he should get his ball back, Austin was about to launch forward to run after it. However, an even weirder thing happened.

'What's happening? Why can't I move?!' he thought.

He couldn't even move a finger! It was like he was controlled by some kind of magic.

The warriors on the platform started noticing that Austin was behaving strangely. They all stopped looking at the Fire Stela and turned to look at him instead.

"Look at Austin! What's wrong with him?

Did you see it? He launched a golden ball to the stone tablet!"

one person shouted.

After hearing this, more people turned to look at Austin.

Inside, Austin was becoming more and more worried.

Suddenly a ray of golden light rushed out of the huge stone tablet and hit Austin directly.

The light was brighter than what the Fire Stela had already been giving off.

The moment it hit Austin, it pushed all the other warriors aside.

It was as if it didn't want any other person to receive its light but Austin.

Austin stood there just like he was in the center of a stage.

"What's happening?

Did… did Austin triger the Fire Stela? Is it responding to him?"

"Oh, my God! Does it have anything to do with the incomparable cultivation method?"

"It's been so many years since someone was finally able to do this! This is amazing!"

All the people on the platform weren't studying the stone anymore. Their eyes were locked on Austin, anticipating what will happen next.

They all stood around, looking and talking.

"Has he… has he gotten the incomparable cultivation method hidden in the Fire Stela?"

They guessed, asked and doubted.

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