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   Chapter 804 The Counter Attack (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5992

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Since the golden bell was a medium-stage divine weapon, Austin had the greedy idea of taking possession of it.

He sprang up, held the handle at the top of the golden bell and lifted it up with his left hand.

He punched the bell with his right fist without stopping even for a second.

"Clang clang clang ..."

Each punch had the impact of seven hundred thousand pounds. It went right through the huge bell and reached the young lanky tall man.

Meanwhile, Austin darted twenty Spiritual Sense Flying Spears from his Soul Sea towards the tall and thin young man's Soul Sea.

Coordinated with the spiritual demon which was previously ordered, Austin launched a double attack towards the tall and young man's spiritual souls.

It was only possible for someone like Austin with such fortified spiritual sense that two different spiritual sense skills could be cast at the same time.

The tall and thin young man who had already been struggling to deal with the spiritual demon fell in a worse situation immediately when the twenty Spiritual Sense Flying Spears were added to him.

His spiritual soul suffered from repeated blow and with each passing moment he found it more difficult to retrieve from the set back.

"Oh, no!"

Under Austin's multiple attacks, the tall and thin young man had a splitting headache and could hardly hold on any longer. Soon he was forced out of the golden bell by Austin's fists.

Although he was a strong cultivator, he was unable to use any of his skills at this critical moment. He was so anxious that he vomited out a mouthful of blood.

The bell immediately went out of his control and shrank to the size of a fist.

Austin grabbed the golden bell instantly.

He let his spiritual sense go into the golden bell and found out the mark

It covered the sky, the earth and everything around in a beautiful golden hue.

At the same moment, all the cultivator heard a fairy music in the distance.

The fairy music was mellifluous and entrancing.

As soon as the Stela appeared, all of the cultivators on the platform sat on the ground with their knees crossed and closed their eyes. Enveloped by the golden light and beautiful music, they started their meditation almost immediately.

After a little bit of speculation, Austin decided to take the opportunity to comprehend the Fire Stela.

So he gave a stern look at the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch before he left the platform. He sat down in a distant corner and closed his eyes and began his meditation.

Of course, Austin had chosen a place far away from the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch and the Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect.

He knew very well that once the Fire Stela disappeared, the vital energy of them would no longer be suppressed and they would be fully revitalized. He would be no longer match for them by then.

So the place for meditation had to be far away and convenient so that he could escape if the need arose.

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