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   Chapter 802 The Counter Attack (Part One)

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The stone carving of the sun rose from the cliff and shone in the sky.

On the platform, everyone's vital energy was reduced to an unexpectedly low level.

Some of the cultivators began to lose their calm out of fear.

"Don't panic! Every time when the Fire Stela comes out, people's vital energy will be suppressed naturally. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Once it disappears, you will feel your vital energy naturally recovering to its original level.

Stop creating such mayhem, you new comers! Don't disturb others' meditation!"

An experienced cultivator among them warned strictly so that they would contain themselves.

What he said was true and not just meaningless discipline. The meditation of the martial art needed a tranquil atmosphere and didn't allow cultivators to be distracted even a little bit.

"I see."

After being reminded, the cultivators who had come to meditate first time lowered down their excitement and became quiet at once.

Everyone looked up in awe at the dazzling stone carving of the sun that shone in the sky.

The stone sun became bigger and brighter.

Obviously, the Fire Stela was about to come out.

Austin was very happy at the moment.

Like everyone else on the platform, his vital energy was suppressed to a low level.

However, for Austin the situation was a little different. His strong cultivation base relied not only on his vital energy, but also on his physical strength.

He sensed that his physical strength wasn't affected at all.

'That fucking Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch from the Sky Sect and the Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect want to kill me these days.

Now, their vital energy and cultivation base have been weakened as well. It's a good chance for me to launch a counter attack. Destroy them in order to prevent any future trouble, ' Austin thoug

age of Master Realm.

He was the strongest among the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch.

If it were a normal occasion, Austin might not dare to provoke such a strong cultivator.

But now, he could take the advantage of the opportunity that they were weaker than usual and he had the upper hand.

Casting the Demon-creating Skill, Austin charged at the tall and thin young man with full force.

Once he got near enough, he delivered a hard blow.

Because his spiritual soul and vital energy were restrained at present, the tall and thin young man couldn't dodge immediately.

However, a shiny golden bell flashed out as he clapped his abdomen. It enlarged and covered over him at once.


Austin's fist hit the golden bell with a lot of force.

A melodious sound rang far away from where the incident took place.

The golden bell was a medium-stage divine weapon.

A desire flashed through Austin's eyes as he stared at the bell.

Fortunately for Austin, both the spiritual souls and vital energy of the tall and thin young man were repressed to low level due to the Fire Stela.

So, he were unable to utilize the defense ability of the golden bell well. Austin could take advantage of the flaw.

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