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   Chapter 801 Holy Daughter Of The New Moon Sect

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Fifteen minutes later, Austin found himself standing in front of a roll of mountains.

The earth in the surrounding area was red and the vegetation was sparse. He lifted up his gaze and looked around; his eyes were filled with the scenery of cliffs and rocky mountains.

Austin released his spiritual sense to scan the area even further. Soon, he found the Fire Stela's location within the mountain ranges.

It was located somewhere in the mountains, on a cliff that towered over a thousand meters into the sky.

In front of the cliff was an enormous platform where at least a thousand warriors were already waiting, clamouring.

Austin had dressed himself in the Appearance-transforming Clothes before he left the hotel room.

He currently appeared as the stout young man with big eyes and bushy eyebrows.

As he neared the cliff platform, he slowed his pace and walked sluggishly slow.

The platform was bustling with the huge crowd of warriors, talking and discussing. Some of them were standing, others were sitting on the ground; all of them were waiting for the appearance of the Fire Stela.

Most of these warriors were young men under thirty whose cultivation base was at the Imperial Realm or below.

Only a few of them were at the Master Realm.

Austin stepped onto the platform and took a seat.

Additional warriors were still on their way.

Observing the noisy crowd on the platform, Austin couldn't help letting out a deep sigh.

Even though the legend of the incomparable refining formula concealed in the Fire Stela had a possibility of being a fraud, thousands of young warriors still travelled to the place every five years, taking their chances.

The reason why they always persisted on coming back was because every warrior had a lifelong fascination with the vital energy refining formula.

Most often than not, it was superb refining formula–rather than talent or diligence–that determined a warrior's strength.

Many peerless warriors' strengths were defined by their superb refining formulas.

Austin had no doubts about this principle.

He shifted his attention from the crowd towards the towering cliff before him.

It stood tall and upright. One could say that it looked as if a gigantic stone blade was cutting into the clouds.

In the cen


She was the woman he fought at the Sunset Mountain. The Magic Harp Player, Isis, from the New Moon Sect.

During that fight, Austin had ripped her clothes into pieces and saw her in all her naked glory. .

He never expected to meet her again, especially here, in all places.

"My goodness, she's the Holy Daughter from the New Moon Sect, isn't she?"

a warrior from the platform whispered in a

voice loud enough to be heard by the others.

"Yeah, you're right. She is!"

"I never expected that she would ever come here to read the Fire Stela,"

several warriors discussed in low voices.

The Holy Sons and Daughters from large sects were hardly seen in public because they were the heirs of the sect leaders.

It wasn't a surprise that all the ordinary warriors were excited upon seeing the two women.

The ordinary warriors in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom regarded the Holy Daughter of the New Moon Sect as their goddess due to her unrivaled beauty and otherworldly fairy-like disposition.

"So, the woman in green is the Holy Daughter from the New Moon Sect,"

Austin murmured to himself, overhearing the warriors' discussion.

Isis looked around as she stepped out of the sedan, as if she was searching for something.

A look of disappointment washed over her face after she glanced over the warriors on the platform.

"Sister, I can't see any trace of Austin in here. Is it possible that Master Li was wrong?"

Isis softly whispered to the Holy Daughter of the New Moon Sect.

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