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   Chapter 800 You Are Our Savior (Part Two)

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"Don't be so formal.

I don't mean to offend, but you and your clan members are too weak.

You can't even protect yourselves back in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. So your top priority must be to cultivate and make yourselves stronger.

If you don't improve your strength and power, you might be in trouble again when you get back out there," Austin remarked in his utmost frank tone.

He absolutely meant well for the Marwell and his people, so those words were just right to be said.

Marwell and Michelle sank into their thoughts.

They knew that Austin's words made sense.

Among the Meng clan, Marwell––the most powerful cultivator––had just reached the premium stage of Sky Realm. It was relatively weak considering that he was a clan leader.

Many cultivators in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom could defeat him effortlessly.

Even a prominent and influential sect or clan could slaughter all the members of the Meng clan in just a snap.

"Austin, I agree with you.

But we lack cultivation resources and martial skills.

You have to understand that it is not easy for us to grow stronger and more powerful in just a short period," Marwell responded with a sigh.

He looked anxious as he stared at Austin and back to the everyone present inside the house.

After thinking for a while, Austin took out over twenty jade slips and placed them right in front of Marwell.

Austin had acquired those sixth-grade martial skill jade slips in the Emperor Library of the Mysterious Nether World.

Besides those, he also gave Marwell the secret manual of the Sea-shaking Fist, which had once belonged to Lu of the Sky Sect.

It was a grade seven martial arts skill, strong enough to be used against a powerful enemy when one thoroughly mastered it.

"Give these sixth-grade martial skill books to your clan

th Austin fully immersed as he constantly sat still.

It was until the fifth day that he opened his eyes, which were filled with a gleam of thrill.

"Looks like I'm close to breaking into the Imperial Realm!" he murmured.

A smile was plastered on his face as he excitingly felt the surge of energy on his body.

After cultivating for five days, Austin noticed the sign of a breakthrough inside his energy meridians.

'Looks like those Earthly Mother Essence sped up my vital energy cultivation.

After I comprehend the incomparable cultivation method on the Fire Stela, I will start my closed door training and try to reach the Imperial Realm, ' he resolved.

Austin asked the gnome and Violet to stay in the City to focus on their own cultivation as well.

Before leaving, Austin assured both of them to be transferred out of the city if they needed.

He then utilized the teleportation power to come back to his room in the inn.

After leaving the inn, he walked out of the gates of the Fire City and exerted his bodily movement skill to head towards the Fire Stela.

"I hope the Fire Stela will not let me down, ' he optimistically thought.

His eyes sparkled with both excitement and expectation.

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