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   Chapter 799 You Are Our Savior (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6252

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A day later, Austin arrived at the Fire City.

Like the Daylight City, it was also a big city in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

In fact, it was even more extensive.

Austin found a small inn after entering the city and decided to check-in. A waiter guided him to his room and eventually took his leave.

Austin cast a spell to make the City as small as dust. As he placed it in the corner of the room, he summoned the teleportation power to transfer himself into it.

In a minute, Austin was transported at the center of a street inside the city model.

He then made his way to a three-story red log cabin on the side of the street.

The moment he pushed the door open, a voice full of surprise and delight penetrated his ears.

"Austin, is that you over there?"

Tessa walked out of a room on the first floor.

She was welcomed by a figure of Austin on the door.

"How are you doing, Tessa?" Austin greeted, smiling.

As a small gesture of friendship, he had arranged for Tessa to live there for a while.

He had also given her a significant amount of cultivation resources and asked her to focus on cultivating.

Meanwhile, she was also aware that everything inside the City was his possession and under his control.

No one would disturb her while she focused on her cultivation.

Since Tessa was forced to leave Cyan Sect and the Elite Holy Kingdom due to Austin, he thought that he should be responsible for looking out for her.

"Tessa looks like you have made big progress," Austin said.

He noticed that Tessa's power had become stronger.

"You should take the credit for my rapid progress.

You have given me lots of cultivation resources.

Those valuable elixirs and herbs are greatly helping my training.

I feel like I will enter the Imperial Realm soon," Tessa replied excitedly.

It had been a long time since

ime when he came to the Sky Sect's stronghold in the Daylight City to save her and Michelle, he didn't pay much attention to her height.

But he suddenly noticed that Joyce was much taller than when he first saw her in the forest.

"Austin!" Marwell addressed.

He and Michelle also came out to welcome Austin.

Together, they curtly ushered him into their house.

At the same time, some elders and essential figures of the Meng clan had come to see their guest.

Austin observed that Marwell and all of his clan members had almost recovered from their injuries.

"Marwell, I have some cultivation resources. You give them to everyone and tell them to cultivate here.

When everything is ready, I will take you out of this place," he said.

He took out a great number of vital and superior energy crystals, herbs, and elixirs from his Space Ring. With a wave of his hand, those resources piled up in front of Marwell.

"We've already owed you a lot. I can't take these," Marwell declined right away.

He gaped at the cultivation resources, surprised. Admittedly, they would be of great help to the whole clan, but Marwell recognized that Austin had already done enough for them. Taking those would be too much, he thought.

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