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   Chapter 797 Don't Show Off Your Wealth (Part One)

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"Yes. I am quite very interested in the Fire Stela. Zack, maybe you could tell me more information about it?"

the cultivator from the Western Grand named Sawyer replied at once.

"Sure. It's my pleasure.

After all, several years ago I was travelling in the Western Grand. And I ran out of money, but you, a stranger whom I only met by chance back then didn't even thought twice, and gave me some money.

I still remember that day even until now. I really owe you one.

Don't worry. I'll tell you everything that I know about the Fire Stela. This is the only way I can repay the kindness which you have graciously given me."

Zack who had a long face like that of a horse's face cheerfully said without any hint of hesitation.

Austin listened carefully to their conversation, taking in every word they said.

Zack, the long-faced cultivator immediately explained the details about the Fire Stela.

The Fire Stela had long since existed in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom for at least some thousand years already. It was quite ancient and precious.

It only appeared once every five years.

According to the legend, an unrivaled cultivation method lay within the Fire Stela. And only the exceptionally talented cultivators were capable of harnessing it.

And what was more, only those cultivators whose age was below 30 years old and had a cultivation base under the Master Realm were capable of reading the Fire Stela. They alone progressed and became stronger.

Those cultivators which did not pass the requirements were unable to learn anything from the Fire Stela.

Countless of young cultivators in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom had read the Fire Stela all those years.

But alas, none of them were able to receive the unrivaled cultivation method.

Numerous talented cultivators from different powerful sects and forces had spent their time and energy reading the Fire Stela, but they were still unable to re



What? Who…" the long-faced cultivator was surprised to be given a table of feast.

He asked the waiter of the tavern and was shocked when he found out that it was a gift sent by the other customer sitting beside him. When he heard Austin's words, he opened his mouth in surprise and looked at Austin curiously.

Austin's appearance at that moment was very ordinary. He would easily blend in the crowd when in the streets.

"Hello, nice to meet you.

My name is Marsh and I came from a remote town in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. This is the first time that I came out for a trip.

I was sitting beside you, so I happened to overhear what you were talking about the Fire Stela. It sounded interesting. I am curious about it and have a question to ask."

Austin decided not disclose his real name.

"Nice to meet you, Marsh. What is it that you wish to ask?"

Zack smiled warmly and was eager to offer his help. He was like a nomad who traveled a lot and was glad to make friends with strangers. No matter what kind of person he faced, he always made sure to be polite and amiable.

"I want to know where the Fire Stela is located.

Could you please tell me?"

Austin said, cupping his hands. It was a polite way to make greetings or asking for help.

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