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   Chapter 795 The Fire Stela

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As soon as Austin activated the Primary Teleportation Rune, he was sucked into the transportation channel.

Hardly a minute had passed when a figure suddenly fell from the sky to the side of a crystal-clear lake. It was a few dozen kilometers away from the valley where Austin had been.

"The Holy Son of a great sect really lives up to his name. He is indeed a strong man and carries the reputation of the family and the sect on his shoulders.

The Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect can simultaneously control five puppets of the Master Realm. His fighting power is really formidable!"

Austin sighed with a wry smile on his face.

He had believed that his spiritual sense and physical strength were strong enough. It had made him fearless and confident to confront the youth of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

But to his disappointment, he had been wrong totally. He had to run away when it was time to confront the Holy Sons of the big sects.

Soon after landing at the lake, Austin quickly took out the Appearance-transforming Clothes. This was the only way he could avoid being caught or getting into any further troubles.

The moment he put it on, the process began. His appearance began to change drastically.

Seconds later, the real frame and physique of Austin disappeared. He now looked like any other tall, rough young man with bushy eyebrows and big eyes. His present look had nothing like the real Austin.

The lake near which Austin stood was as clear as glass. Austin used it as a mirror to check his looks and give himself the final touches. He couldn't help but marvel at the magic of the Appearance-transforming Clothes. It had completely transformed him. He was certain that his identity was concealed now.

He had been into troubles many a times. But being tracked down by the Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect made him more apprehensive.

He had been covering his tracks since he had left the Daylight City. So he thought it wasn't easy for anyone to find him, and hoped now it was further difficult for anyone to follow his trail.

His whereabouts had soon been exposed although he had been extremely cautious all along.

'I have to be more careful from now on.'

Checking that the disguise was in place, Austin set out. He had to leave the area of the lake.

Four hours later, ten figures appeared in the distant sky. They were flying swiftly towards the lake and left trails in the sky like rainbows.

In the blink of an eye, all of them descended. They got near the edge of the lake. The currents of air were so strong that they made the whole lake turbulent. The waves rose and fell as if some monsters were playing in the water violently.

They were the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch in the Sky Sect.

The leader of the group, a tall, thin young man, took out the jade slip. He fiddled with it by the lake, and then told the other nine people what he had found.

"Austin was here moments ago," he announced.

"He's going this way,"

the tall, thin young man spoke as he pointed in one direction.

"Is he going to the Fire City?

Well, that's interesting because five days later the Fire Stela will show up in the Fire City.

Does Austin want to gain insight into it?" speculated a man dressed in white, who had extremely handsome

ystals fell in front of the waiter.

There were a mountain of ordinary vital energy crystals in Austin's Space Ring. These thousands of vital energy crystals were nothing. They were like rubbish for him.

Looking at the money, the waiter got very excited.

'Wow, I guess I have met the 'God of wealth' today! Oh, God, I almost drove him away just now, ' the waiter thought, looking thrilled and pleased.

He rushed in to get the food for Austin.

Most of the guests in the tavern were cultivators, so they mainly talked about different stories about other cultivators or cultivation while they were eating and drinking.

Austin drank alone while listening to those cultivators talk about the things happened in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. He found them quite interesting.

One of the most talked-about topic was, Austin.

The stories making rounds were many, like how he killed dozens of disciples from the Sky Sect, and shred the clothes of Isis, the Magic Harp Player of the New Moon Sect, making her flee naked in the Sunset Mountain. There were stories about how he obtained the Sword Emperor's great treasure, and destroyed the Sky Sect's stronghold in the Daylight City. They spoke about how he slayed hundreds of disciples and two masters at the Master Realm of this sect.

Austin couldn't help laughing as he listened to the other cultivators endlessly talking about his exploits.

The stories that they narrated indeed were quite exaggerated. There were various embellishments added in so many places.

They portrayed Austin as a malevolent, devilish man who was a few meters tall and killed people when he wasn't happy.

'What? Are you serious?

Am I just a bloodthirsty killer in your eyes?'

Austin thought to himself and quietly laughed at their conceptions about him.

"In five days, the Fire Stela will reappear.

Sawyer, since you came from the Western Grand all the way up here, you would like to go check the Fire Stela and gain insight into it, wouldn't you?"

said a horse-faced man at the next table.

This attracted Austin's attention.

'The Fire Stela? What is that?'

Austin wondered and was intrigued by it. He was curious to know more about it!

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