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   Chapter 794 I Will Remember You

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"Cut the fucking crap. If you want the precious treasure of the Sword Emperor, you will have to take it after defeating me," Austin said coldly.

He was obviously disgusted with the Holy Son and Mark's trick. Considering that they were powerful opponents, it was so low of them to conspire together against him.

Austin didn't want to talk to them anymore, lest even look at their smug faces.

"How dare you!" Mark exclaimed in outrage.

"Sir, I bore a grudge against this brat last time I went to the Sunset Mountain. Please let me teach him a lesson first."

While he spoke, Mark waved his hands. Suddenly, ten flashes shot out from his fingers and turned into puppets aligned before him. All of them seemed real.

There were wolf puppets, each of which was equivalent to a cultivator at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm. The other five were tiger puppets, which equaled to five cultivators at the medium stage of Imperial Realm.

Last time, in the Sunset Mountain, Mark could only simultaneously manipulate six puppets. They were equivalent to cultivators at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm with one as powerful as a warrior at the medium stage of Imperial Realm.

This time, however, his ability to control the puppets had greatly improved both in quantity and quality.

As soon as the puppets came into shape, they rapidly closed in on Austin.

"Ha-ha. Brat, you just have five desiccated corpses and a level 10 diabolic beast. You won't survive from the attacks of my puppets this time!"

Mark burst into laughter, evidently mocking Austin.

In their last battle, his puppets were obstructed by the five corpse demons and the evil ape released by Austin. He thought that those were the only trump cards in Austin's hand.

Ten corpse demons came out as Austin patted the corpse nourishing bag hanging around his waist. They waved their sharp and solid corpse paws filled with corpse miasma, confronting the ten puppets.

The strength of each corpse demon was as strong as that of a cultivator at the premium stage of Imperial Realm. It was much more powerful than that of Mark's puppets.

As soon as they clashed, the corpse demons tore the five wolf puppets apart.

The other five tiger puppets were pressed against the ground and beaten hard by the other five corpse demons.


Mark was utterly furious upon seeing his puppets being destroyed one after the other.

Even the Holy Son of Ghost Puppet Sect gazed in surprise at Austin's corpse demons.

He, too, was speechless at that sight.

"Hmmm. This is interesting," said the Holy Son of Ghost Puppet Sect.

Witnessing the demolished five wolf puppets, Mark clenched his teeth with total rage. Another five flashes shot out of his finger, and soon, five tiger puppets were unleashed, replacing the ruined wolf puppets.

He could direct ten puppets together at the same time. In this case, he had puppets, which were all equal to ten cultivators at the medium stage of Imperial Realm.

But it was a little beyond his ability to control

e Holy Son of Ghost Puppet Sect stood.

"Ha-ha. Which one dared to mess with you?"

A tall and thin young man walked over to the Holy Son of Ghost Puppet Sect.

"You are the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch of Sky Sect."

The Holy Son of Ghost Puppet Sect stared at them with wariness.

Everyone in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom knew that each of those cultivators had extraordinary strength.

Although they were not chosen to be the Holy Son of their sect, they were not inferior to the Holy Son of other big sects.

Most importantly, they had practiced one array. When they fought together, the array would make their strength times stronger than usual!

"Who dared to mess with me? None other than that brat Austin!"

The Holy Son of Ghost Puppet Sect was still angry.

"It was indeed Austin!

He was here just now!"

The tall and slim young man, the head of the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch, took out a jade slip which immediately emitted a weak white light when it touched the air.

"It's the spiritual soul tracing skill, right?"

Seeing that, the Holy Son of Ghost Puppet Sect asked in curiosity.

"Yeah. The Elder of our sect had reached the Daylight City. He extracted the characteristics of Austin's spiritual sense wave and sealed them in this jade slip.

As long as Austin is nearby, the jade slip will show us his whereabouts.

Austin killed so many disciples of our sect. We'll catch him ourselves and let him experience all the cruel tortures in the world!" the tall and slim man exclaimed.

He then put the jade slip in front of him, and it automatically pointed towards the northwest.

"Austin went in that direction. Let's go!"

The Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch of Sky Sect fled in the same direction with their bodily movement skill.

"Austin, the precious treasure of Sword Emperor, must belong to me!"

The Holy Son of Ghost Puppet Sect, together with the three principal disciples of their own sect, followed them to the northwest.

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