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   Chapter 794 Holy Son Of The Ghost Puppet Sect

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Although such possessions might be too rare for cultivators under the Imperial Realm, they were very common for Master Realm masters.

There was no reason for Austin to let go of the Space Rings of two Master Realm cultivators.

Actually, he was more than lucky to come across such treasures after killing his enemies.

Austin picked up Lu's Space Ring first and used his spiritual sense to probe into it.

He could not help sighing to know that a Master Realm master's wealth, as expected, was much more abundant than an Imperial Realm master's assets.

The Space Rings contained a large number of ordinary and superior vital energy crystals, dozens of bottles of level three and four elixirs for various purposes, and a pile of herbs of good quality.

Also, there was a manual of martial arts, and human skin as thin as the wings of a cicada.

The cover of the book was inscribed with several simple words: 'Sea-shaking Fist.'

After scanning through it, Austin learned that the Sea-shaking Fist was a grade seven fist skill, which was not low in terms of the grade.

Austin once saw Lu performing the Sea-shaking Fist. He had already comprehended the level ten surge intent in his cultivation of this skill.

Austin had already known that there were blade intent, sword intent, spear intent, palm intent, and foot intent.

However, he had never expected that such a kind of intent realm as the surge intent existed.

The world was really a massive place filled with strange things!

However, Austin did not intend to cultivate the Sea-shaking Fist, so he placed the manual back into his Space Ring.

Then he picked up the human skin, which was light as a feather.

After thorough scrutiny, Austin understood that the skin was exquisitely equipped with limbs, body, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.

'What the hell is this? This must be useful considering that a Master Realm warrior collected it, ' Austin silently thought.

It seemed that nothing could be figured out by just merely looking at it. So, he let out his spiritual sense to probe into the human skin.

Austin sensed it from head to foot, trying to find even the tiniest detail in every corner.

Unexpectedly, he found a spiritual sense sign concealed in one area of the skin.

Feeling the fluctuation of spiritual sense sign, Austin recognized it immediately––a spiritual sense sign which Lu had made.

Austin wiped off Lu's sign and made his own spiritual sense sign in place of it.

After a discovery, he couldn't help but grimace in slight amazement.

The skin, named "Appearance-transforming Clothes," was actually an inferior divine weapon.

It was neither an attack divine weapon nor a defensive divine weapon; however, it belonged to the camouflage divine weapon.


host Puppet Sect said gently, not looking at Austin at all.

"Now if you present the Sword Emperor's treasure to me immediately and kowtowed a hundred times to Mark, I can spare your life.

Otherwise, you'll end up with dead right here."

Before Austin could even reply, the Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect continued with an arrogant and indisputable attitude.

"Austin, do what the Holy Son wants right now.

You have to understand that although you may be innocent, as long as you hid a treasure, you would be sinful.

The Sword Emperor's treasure was so precious that if you continue to keep it with you, you might be in constant danger. The others will surely go after it, and you might not have the strength to protect it from being robbed.

The fact that our Holy Son wants you to surrender it now means he is actually saving your life!"

It seemed that Mark wanted to flatter the Holy Son, so he followed whatever he said and shouted at Austin.

"Ha-ha! Believe me, Austin.

After you hand over the Sword Emperor's treasure to me, I will explain to the world that we, Ghost Puppet Sect, have gotten the treasure.

This way, other cultivators will not bother you anymore, and you can put your mind at ease," the Holy Son added.

And at the same time, a trace of eagerness appeared in his eyes as he looked at Austin.

After all, it was self-evident that the treasure of a powerful Emperor Realm cultivator was undoubtedly valuable and precious.

He could make a big leap in his strength if he could get a hold of that treasure.

"Oh? You want me to hand over the treasure of the Sword Emperor?"

Hearing the persuasion of both Mark and the Holy Son, asking him to hand it over, and claiming as if they were actually saving his life, Austin couldn't help laughing.

They were seriously fooling the wrong person.

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