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   Chapter 792 This Was All Austin's Doing

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Before Brent's Space Ring could hit the ground, Austin had already caught sight of it from the corner of his eyes. He quickly unleashed a vital energy force, grabbed the Space Ring and pulled it into his own Space Ring. Now the enemy's weapon became his property.

"No!" Lu cried at the top of his voice.

"Austin, you bloody bastard! You will have a painful death for killing so many of our men!"

Lu was now burning with hatred. His eyes turned red as if blood was about to spurt to his foe.

In his fury, Lu activated his level ten surge intent. Huge tides of great power were instantly formed from his fist, shaking the air in the entire area. They rushed towards the gnome with a thundering sound.

The little beast dared not to meet such waves of strength. He used his Space Teleportation and fled, vanishing into thin air.

The next instant, he reappeared beside Austin.

Having killed a cultivator at the medium stage of Master Realm, Austin certainly would not fear Lu, who had only reached the preliminary stage of Master Realm.

Using his spiritual sense, Austin broke into Lu's Soul Sea. Soon enough, a spiritual demon materialized in Lu's conscious mind, together with twenty Spiritual Sense Flying Spears.

The gnome also unleashed two to three spiritual beast claws into Lu's Soul Sea.

Under Austin and the gnome's coordination, Lu's spiritual soul had no way to withstand the attacks. Punches, stabs, and bites rained on his spiritual soul relentlessly, creating invisible but painful wounds.

The fiercest attack came from the spiritual demon––who clung onto Lu's spiritual soul––biting, beating, and slamming it like it was torturing its prey.

The pain and pressing attacks caused Lu to lose his balance in the air. He flung his arms around his head and was forced into a passive fetal position. After a few seconds, he couldn't stand straight anymore and started writhing with pain.

His relatively weak spiritual sense had made matters worse. Although he had reached the preliminary stage of Master Realm, his spiritual sense was still quite average––sometimes even weaker than some other cultivators of his level.

Austin and the gnome had obviously hit Lu's soft spot. The spiritual attacks from both Austin and the gnome were at least equal to those from two Astral Realm cultivators. There was no way that Lu could resist such kind of massive attacks with his weak spiritual sense.

Austin seized the chance to lunge at Lu. Before Lu could even see it clearly, Austin had already channeled all of his seven hundred thousand pounds of physical strength into his fist and struck it violently at him. This was the last straw for Lu, a Master Realm cultivator. It only took Austin several punches to smash Lu's body into pieces of flesh and bones, which eventually fell to the ground lifelessly.

Right after Austin ultimately defeated Lu, he sucked out the latter's Space Ring with spiritual sense and put it in his own.

After all, the collection of a Master Realm cultivator was likely to be of suitable value. Austin thought there could be some surprises in it.

At this point, the stronghold of the Sky Sect had also suffered a heavy setback, with nearly eighty percent of its disciples killed by the hundreds of corpse demons driven by blood lust.

Those who were still alive were demoralized by the defeat and desperate to escape.

Through the burning

Breath flowed in and out for dozens of times, and the mark was finally erased by Austin.

He hurriedly imprinted his own spiritual sense mark on that same spot, and almost instantly, a strange feeling of connection rushed over him.

At the same time, information about the seal suddenly appeared in his Soul Sea.

Now Austin knew that the seal was called the Golden Emperor Seal, and as he had guessed, it was a low-grade divine weapon.

He stretched out his hand and pressed one of his fingers on the seal. His vital energy was then directed into it from his fingertip.

The next thing he knew, a burst of dazzling golden light broke out from the seal. In that beaming brightness, the majesty of an emperor could be felt, and praises of his followers could be heard. The feeling, although subtle, could make one humble.

Austin had felt something more about the magic seal. He learned that when it attacked, it could also demoralize the enemy, making them surrender like servants who worshiped their king.

So it was actually more powerful than the Purple Vital Stone in some ways.

He decided to give it a try. With a wave of his hand, he pumped up its size over ten times and threw it sideways.

Boom! A tremendous crash drowned all the sounds in the valley.

The mountain, hit by the seal, shook fiercely with its force, and a massive hole over ten meters wide was dug around the spot where it landed. The mud and rocks, which splashed up into the sky, were now falling down like heavy rain, disfiguring the beautiful valley.

Austin raised his hand and fended off the mud that came at him. He waved again, and the seal flew back to him while shrinking back to its original size.

Feeling quite satisfied, he turned his attention to the two Space Rings he had just got. He took them out of his own Space Ring and studied them thoroughly.

One of them belonged to Brent, and the other to Lu.

Both Brent and Lu were Master Realm cultivators, which was the reason for Austin to believe that he could find prized possessions in their collections.

He hoped to find more practical things––divine weapons, books on martial arts, or other valuable treasures.

Weapons like the Golden Emperor Seal or the Purple Vital Stone, for Austin, would do.

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