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   Chapter 791 How Many Punches Can You Block

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The emperor, engraved on the large golden seal, was magnificent.

The mere sight of it could force people to be on their knees and worship.

But Austin's spiritual sense was powerful enough to not be affected in the slightest.

Nevertheless, he noticed a peculiarity of that huge golden seal.

It was a divine weapon!

It was a low-grade divine weapon, the same level as the Purple Vital Stone he had obtained before.

Austin had bought a booklet about weapons in a spiritual weapon store on the street and learned the rudimentary of weapon refining.

"Come on."

After releasing the seal, Brent shouted and pointed at Austin, the sizeable golden seal dashed against him as a response.

Suddenly, beams of glaring golden lights burst out from the image engraved on the large golden seal as it flew over to Austin.

Austin was enveloped with an imposing feeling––one that was dominating and magisterial.

The imperious sensation flowed in the emperor, giving off a ruling sensibility––as if he was a divine ruler of the world.

"Awesome," Austin commended.

With a wave of his hand, the Purple Vital Stone sprang and enlarged in the air. In a split second, it turned into a gigantic mountain with dozens of meters in height and dashed against that massive golden seal.

At the same time, he stretched out his hand and unfastened his corpse nourishing bag. He then threw it to the stronghold of the Sky Sect.

One hundred corpse demons surged out of the bag.

A great mass of pitch-black corpse miasma spread out quickly and permeated into the air.

With their stinking smell, one hundred corpse demons began to besiege the Sky Sect disciples.

Each corpse demon was so fierce and warlike, enabling them to defeat mighty opponents.

Even the Sky Sect disciples who were at the premium stage of Imperial Realm were unable to withstand their attack.

After a dozen breaths, some disciples died while the others got severely wounded. The blood spill was quick, and faint smell of blood penetrated the air, filling the entire area.

"What the hell are these zombies?"

Brent couldn't help roaring as he saw what happened below. . . .

"Kill Austin first, those zombies are clearly under his control!"

Lu was clear about the situation.

He raised his right fist, and the voice faded. It felt like endless ocean storms gathered in his fist with a towering rage and overwhelming power.

Then the fist turned into a gigantic whale like it had jumped out of the ocean and lunged at Austin.

With the aid of ocean storms, the blowing wind was separated into parts.

Just when Lu was launching attack against Austin with his Sea-shaking Fist, the gnome crept out of the void behind Lu and swept across him with his beast claws.

A beast claw formed by overwhelming beast soul energy dashed against Lu's head.

Instantly, the claw had penetrated into Lu's Soul Sea and attacked his spiritual soul.

Obviously caught off guard, Lu hurriedly urged his spiritual sense to defend his spiritual soul against the two beast claws.

The distraction which the gnome ini

u to have so many aces up your sleeve.

But you could bring no harm to me as I am a Master Realm warrior.

My cultivation base is much higher than yours," Brent roared.

"Oh? Really?

Is that what you think?

Let me see how many punches you can block!"

A savage look glinted in Austin's eyes, desirous of testing his opponent's capability.

Suddenly, twenty Spiritual Sense Spears appeared simultaneously and attacked Brent's spiritual soul together with the spiritual demon.

This prompted Brent to allocate more attention in his Soul Sea.

At the same time, Austin's punches rained on the same position of his chest constantly.

Bang bang bang bang!

Brent took a backward step one after another because of the impact of the punches.

"Lad, how dare you!"

Brent was helpless facing Austin's attacks both from inside and outside his body.

A deep feeling of grievance rose from the bottom of Brent's heart.

Ten punches, twenty punches, and thirty punches continuously landed on Brent's body.

One hundred punches!

Austin had delivered a hundred punches on Brent's chest in just a short amount of time!

Each punch contained the force of seven hundred thousand pounds!

At the beginning of their combat, Brent still had the strength to growl as a response to the attacks.

But with the loss of his vital energy, several cracks began to form on the vital energy armor on the surface of his body.

Somehow, the armor could withstand the punches initially.

However, as more and more physical strength penetrated through the armor and its cracks, it had already affected Brent's flesh.

The light seemed to be gradually leaving Brent's eyes as blood began to seep out from his face.

Eventually, Austin landed his final blow.


Brent's whole body exploded with a thundering smack of force.

A master at the medium stage of Master Realm was beaten to death by Austin!

With agile movement, Austin caught the large golden seal. His eyes kindled with joy as he placed a soft touch across the seal's surface.

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