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   Chapter 791 Burn Down Sky Sect's Stronghold

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7674

Updated: 2019-08-29 00:12

As he sneaked into the Sky Sect's stronghold, Austin, with his spiritual sense, discovered that this place's defenses had been greatly enhanced.

When he broke in secretly earlier in the day, only a few people were on patrol.

That was why he was able to free Michelle and Joyce without getting into any trouble.

But now, he noticed that people were taking turns patrolling in line.

Soon after, Austin spotted two cultivators with the highest cultivation in the stronghold.

'One is at the medium stage of Master Realm, and the other is at the preliminary stage of Master Realm.

I didn't expect that there would be two Master Realm cultivators here, ' he thought, his eyes narrowing.

Since he was in such a hurry to save the two girls earlier, he didn't notice that there were such powerful cultivators in the stronghold.

"Looks like it's going to be a little difficult to destroy this place," the gnome whispered.

He then walked out of the void.

Hearing that, Austin couldn't help but sigh. Indeed, it seemed like they had a huge challenge before them.

"Well," he started, rolling his eyes. "Even if I can't ruin this place and slaughter everyone in here, I will turn this place into such a mess to the point that they wouldn't be able to recognize it.

I will let them know that they messed up with the wrong person," Austin finished, a naughty smile on his face.

He then pushed his palm upwards and a scarlet flame appeared over it. The red-hot blaze danced, and it exuded a formidable aura that could burn in all directions and destroy everything in its path.

It was the Scorching Evil Fire.

"That thing is too dangerous," the gnome flatly remarked as he stared at what was on Austin's palm.

Despite his seemingly calm demeanor, deep inside, the gnome started to get very scared. His heart even started beating a lot faster.

"Before I fight with them, why don't I give them a gift first? What do you think?"

Smiling, Austin slowly lifted and started floating in mid-air.

Then, he suddenly disappeared from where he was. Within seconds, he flew back and forth above the Sky Sect's stronghold like a lightning.

He was doing all of these all the while channeling his vital energy into the Scorching Evil Fire over his palm.

Under the Scor

His cultivation was higher than Lu's.

But as he saw the skill Lu had displayed, he was shocked and even started to be slightly scared of his chosen attack.

"Are you sure that you need to use your Sea-shaking Fist just to handle this brat? I think you're kind of overreacting,"

he continued.

"Steward Brent, don't take him lightly. Haven't you noticed? He has been acting conceitedly. Just look at him, he looks so calm.

Obviously he is ready to battle us. Perhaps he has learnt some powerful martial arts skills," he whispered as he glanced at Austin.

"We must make a move quickly and be extremely careful.

Even if he is much weaker than us, we can't lower our guard. Let's go all out and take him down as soon as we can," Lu sad to Brent seriously.

He somehow felt anxious as he noticed that Austin had remained composed since he showed up.

Brent suddenly became tense at his reminder.

"You're right, Lu," he responded.

As he waved his hands, a beam of golden light flashed. In a second, a huge golden seal rushed out from his body and floated over his head.

It seemed that the oppressive, overwhelming aura that the golden seal was giving off was going to cut Austin off from his surroundings.

There was a pattern on the golden seal: an emperor with a grave expression standing still, while hundreds of thousands of his ministers and civilians were kneeling and bowling before him with their heads touching the ground. It seemed like his subjects were giving him complimentary remarks.

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