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   Chapter 789 Search Through The City (Part Two)

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After they had checked in, Austin closed his door and sat in meditation for about an hour. That's when Brent and Lu started to move.

They were in the middle of nowhere, but suddenly outside it was as noisy as the bustling city market. It was peculiar and abnormal, so Austin ended his practice.

Austin released his spiritual sense before he went outside and inspected the situation in person.

After a short while, Austin gave a contemptuous smile.

"Oh, I was wondering who can cause such a sensation. The Sky Sect is searching frantically for me. Now the whole city has been startled by them.

A wise man knows when to retreat. I'd better avoid a head-on collision with them,"

murmured Austin to himself. Like he said, a true man knew when to keep a low profile and when to hold his head high.

Then, he summoned the miniature City model, put it on the ground, and sent himself inside the City through mind power.

After Austin was gone, the miniature City model shrank to the size of a sand grain. A soft wind brushed the room and raised a lot of dust. The sand grain with the flying dust, landed at a corner.

Shortly afterwards, a group of soldiers broke into the room. But the room was absolutely empty. The soldiers, each carrying a long spear in their hands, were utterly dissatisfied. In their frustration, they smashed everything they could see and poked numerous big holes in the quilts and bedding.

Brent and Lu's search came to nothing. This time they both lost face in front of the public. But they couldn't let the citizens of the Daylight City treat them like laughing stocks.

They had done everything they could. Yet, they hadn't found Austin. Now they had no choice but to return to their base crestfallen.

In the large reception room, the two of them were sitting on two old-fashioned wooden armchairs placed at the sides. They were filled with fury and exhaustion.

Again Brent and Lu released their spiritual sense and swept over the entire Daylight City.

After spending a major part of the day running behind Austin, the energy consuming chore of operating spiritual sense drained them off their strength. So, they decided to take a breather. Besides, they both had returned to their own place and taken some special elixir to reduce fatigue and nurture their spiritual sense.

Both of them were, of course, on guard against each other. But they did feel a mutual resentment towards Austin.

The two arrogant men believed that any provocation to their base was a humiliation to the so-called greatness and honor of the Sky Sect. But now Austin, who was still wet behind the ears, dared to come and go of his own will. Wasn't that a slap on their faces? They were restless as they were fearful of b

e Daylight City, marched forward in every direction. They were on a hunt for this so-called unscrupulous and vicious enemy named Austin.

But, the troops ended up with nothing.

Night drew in. The land was enveloped by the veil of darkness. Brent and Lu with their troops returned to the base at the Daylight City looking crestfallen.

After a long emergency meeting that lasted the whole night, they finally decided that it was time to report this to the higher authorities. At daybreak, Brent mounted his horse and rushed back to the supreme headquarter. He would report this shameful news in person.

Brent had left to report the matter, while Lu continued the hunt for Austin and the other escaped criminals. He managed to muster more troops and they expanded the range of search. Now it covered a much wider range.

Time went by quickly. The land was enveloped in darkness of the night again.

It was not yet midnight.

Somewhere outside the front gate of the Daylight City, which was the base of the Sky Sect, a shadow of a man was cast against the wall.

The man had fine, delicate features. He was as silent as a ghost and as quick as a fox.

Of course, the man was Austin.

"Thank you for all the trouble you've taken, Sky Sect. A huge monster like you can't afford to be careless. But it seems that you have forgotten to lock the door before you go to bed. Now I will deliver your order to your door. Let's see what you can do about me," said Austin as he stood before the gate.

It was the Sky Sect that had laid themselves open to ridicule. They had messed up with the wrong guy. And Austin was not going to let them off lightly.

Austin ducked across the majestic gate of the Sky Sect and his silhouette vanished in the darkness. The ones inside were to witness things which they had never imagined!

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