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   Chapter 789 Search Through The City (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7384

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Right after Austin left the base of the Sky Sect, someone found out that something unexpected had happened in that room.

A young maid, holding in her hands a serving tray made of white jade, entered the room. She had to hand over some jewels and ornaments, but on entering the room she found the four middle-aged maidservants lying on the ground unconscious. The two girls for whom she brought the jewels were missing. The maid was scared and screamed, dashing out of the room in panic. Quickly she went to her master and reported the matter.

At the same time, Steward Brent from the Sky Sect was discussing with another person who was in charge of the base on some weighty issues. He had to exhort him to action according to the sect leaders' executive orders.

The person in charge of the base was a man at the preliminary stage of Master Realm. He was called Lu.

As soon as they heard the whole thing narrated by the maid, Brent and Lu rushed back into the room.

There was nothing more and nothing less in that room. The four unconscious maids were still lying on the ground, looking peaceful as though in sleep. Brent was extremely furious.

Brent had hankered for the sisters for a long time. He was planning on a threesome with the girls, though it was only wishful thinking on his part. It had taken a lot of hard work to arrange things for his plan to succeed. But now, his exclusive domains were gone. They had just vanished into thin air!

On the other hand, Lu, the man in charge of the base, felt humiliated because the girls' escape revealed the faults and sloppiness of his security measures. They challenged his authority and he would never let go of it.

Lu vented his anger on the four poor ladies. Although they too were apparently victims, he didn't show any mercy to them. The tyrannical man splashed water on their faces to wake them up, and tortured the truth out of their mouth.

They screamed and begged for mercy. Right away, they told him that it was a young man who had rescued the girls whom they had kept as hostages. A young man? A young man! As to know who that man was, Lu had a theory.

He summoned his servant and ordered him to present a rough sketch of th


Brent and Lu were both men at the cultivation base of the Master Realm. They were both accomplished spiritual sense experts. Both of them released their spiritual sense in turns, like searchlight beams that scanned every corner.

Soon enough, every cultivator currently inside the Daylight City sensed waves of intimidating spiritual sense sweeping their bodies. Some of them even shivered with fright because of it.

The two Master Realm adepts from the Sky Sect made a swaggering opening move. Shortly, the whole city was in hustle and bustle. Ignorant commoners joined the patrols in succession. The search for the criminal at large became the priority.

Meanwhile, all the people around were whispering to each other in streets and lanes about what the turmoil was about. The name Austin became their favorite topic.

Everyone was making random guesses about who Austin was, where he had come from, and what he had done to the mighty Sky Sect! They secretly hoped that the two sides would get into a fight so they could observe the scene closely.

While somewhere else, after extricating Michelle and little Joyce from the base, Austin again put on his black veil and big cone-shaped bamboo hat that could hide his face perfectly. He was wearing a loose-fitting long gown, which was also in black color and enabled him to blend in with common travelers.

He made a brief stop at a shabby inn for refreshment, though it was very much out of the way.

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