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   Chapter 788 Saving Michelle And Joyce

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 8004

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Using the Thunderbolt Movement Skill, Austin could temporarily hide himself. Through his spiritual sense, he could sense whether there was anyone around him so that he could dodge in time.

In this way, without being noticed, Austin finally reached outside the room where Michelle and Joyce were imprisoned.

In front of the room stood two disciples of the Sky Sect who were at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm.

Like an apparition, Austin suddenly appeared in front of the room.

There were two doors leading into the room. A red paper with the word 'happiness' was posted on each door. It looked like the room of a newly-wed.

The two disciples of the Sky Sect had slouched in front of the room. Suddenly, they felt someone flash by.

Before they could react, Austin used the Demon-creating Skill to tackle them.

Due to the Demon-creating Skill, a spiritual demon appeared in each disciple's Soul Sea. The spiritual demons started to attack their spiritual souls fiercely.

Both the disciples were at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm. They were quite weak to face Austin's spiritual demons.

Hardly an instant had passed and they were totally controlled by the spiritual demons.

Seeing the opportunity, Austin thrust his vital energy sword at their throats.

Two heads rolled down on the ground. Several red flames seemed to kindle on their heads and bodies. In a brief time, they were burned to ashes.

Austin's actions were so quick that there was no chance for the two disciples to even cry for help or warn anyone.

Austin tried to push the doors open, but he found that they were locked from inside.

He wielded his vital energy sword to cut off the latch and kicked the door open. Then he ran into the room.

The room was decorated like a newly-wed's bedroom. There were candles which were burning wildly. Red silk quilts lay on the bed and several red papers were scattered around with the word 'happiness' on them.

There was a dresser table beside the window. Michelle and Joyce were sitting in front of the dresser. Both of them were wearing exquisite wedding gowns.

Four middle-aged maidservants were readying the two girls. It seemed the maidservants were trying to console them and were also persuading them to be happier.

The four maidservants didn't feel the presence of the intruder by their sides until Austin walked up to the d

Michelle well, for he had been with her since she was born.

Though it was Austin who had brought the Meng family into trouble, it was also him who had helped them out this time. Marwell believed that Michelle was right to dislike Austin for it, but he felt Austin also deserved a chance because he came to their rescue. So he asked her such a question.

"Dad, to be honest, I once hated him.

But now I don't.

Austin has helped us several times. He is our benefactor. I think I should thank him for helping us out,"

Michelle answered after thinking seriously about it.

"Oh Michelle! I am really happy to hear that,"

Marwell said with a smile.

After he had safely transported Michelle and Joyce into the town, Austin immediately used his bodily movement skill to leave the stronghold of the Sky Sect secretly.

He found a safe place near the stronghold of the Sky Sect to hide himself.

Saving Michelle and Joyce was his first step.

Austin decided that he wouldn't leave the Sky Sect so easily for all that they had done.

Austin would not antagonize others unless he was first offended. But once he was offended, he would make them pay double the price.

It had been Austin's customary practice.

He had followed this principle ever since he had been fooled by Jaime in the Sun Sect for three years. He had understood that only by being crueler than his opponents, he could protect himself well.

So this time, Austin decided to make the Sky Sect suffer an ample dose of pain. The sect had invited trouble by offending him and the people who were his allies.

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