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   Chapter 787 Break Into Sky Sect's Stronghold

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"One of the Sky Sect's stewards named Brent Zeng have them.

He wanted to marry them as his concubines. Well, of course, it would be an unwanted marriage for my two girls," Marwell replied, grimacing in pain.

Michelle and Joyce were his favorite daughters. They were going to get married to someone they didn't love, and he couldn't do anything about it.


A steward called Brent Zeng planned to force Michelle and Joyce into marriage?

Joyce is only twelve; she is still a child!

That Brent is an actual pedophile, ' Austin thought.

"Where is Brent?

Is he still in the Daylight City?" Austin suddenly asked.

His tone was full of uneasiness and haste.

"Yes. He is at the Sky Sect stronghold in the Daylight City.

I heard that he is at the medium stage of Master Realm and a tough opponent.

Besides, there are many disciples in the stronghold. Please don't take any chances," Marwell worriedly replied.

'A cultivator at the medium stage of Master Realm?' Austin thought silently.

So far, Malick and the three castellans were the best cultivators with whom Austin had fought. They were at preliminary stage of the Master Realm.

He had never challenged a warrior who had reached the medium stage of Master Realm.

Austin could handle those at the preliminary stage of Master Realm with his incredible spiritual sense.

But he speculated that a Master Realm cultivator at the medium stage was much powerful than the one at the preliminary stage.

Hence, he was unsure if he could defeat a cultivator at the medium stage of Master Realm.

Even if he couldn't defeat such a strong cultivator, he was aware that he could save the two girls with his spiritual sense, the gnome's beast soul energy, and the City.

Knowing the girls were with Brent, Austin was more than determined to come to their rescue as soon as possible.

"Austin, a cultivator at the medium stage of Master Realm is a formidable adversary.

Don't do anything stupid.

Perhaps it is Michelle and Joyce's fate to marry that man. So just let them be," Marwell persuaded as he saw how Austin dwelled deeply into his thoughts.

'He must have planned to come to Michelle's and Joyce's aid, ' he assumed.

Marwell knew that Austin was powerful for the young man could even take out a master at the premium stage of Imperial Realm.

However, Brent had reached the medium stage of M

from breaking into the stronghold from behind.

Since the Sky Sect is one of the most prominent sects, no one would dare to barge in and stir up trouble.

Perhaps that's why this place has weak defenses. Only two disciples patrolled there, ' he analyzed.

Austin unleashed his spiritual sense to scan the stronghold.

He noticed that it occupied a large area with towers and buildings erected everywhere.

Aside from those, he also saw a myriad of gardens, artificial hills, ponds, pavilions, and rare flowers and herbs growing from every corner.

'This is just a stronghold, but it is already as luxurious as a prince's palace. Sky Sect is rich and influential, ' he sighed inwardly.

The disciples, stewards, and leaders of that sect must be lavishly and extravagantly living in that place.

Austin commanded his spiritual sense, which was powerful enough to keep other cultivators with weaker spiritual sense from detecting him.

It enabled him to sense others without being pried.

That tactic would only work if his spiritual sense would be much stronger and powerful; otherwise, he would be revealed in an instant.

After a couple of minutes, he was able to locate Michelle and Joyce.

They had been locked up in a room, and several maids were talking with them and helping them with their make-ups.

Two Imperial Realm cultivators stood outside the room, obviously to guard the maidens and keep an eye on prospective intruders.

'I must get them out of this place, ' Austin resolved.

He then activated the Thunderbolt Movement Skill and headed towards the chamber.

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