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   Chapter 786 Take Revenge

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While Austin and Marwell were engaged in a conversation, all the disciples of the Sky Sect had been beaten up and were lying on the ground.

All of them were seriously injured, moaning and screaming in pain.

Over forty corpse demons were standing aside, watching them all writhe in pain, waiting for them to die out.

Austin took out a large amount of elixirs and superior vital energy crystals and asked Marwell to distribute them to his clan members.

Upon seeing these valuable items, Marwell waved his hand to signal that he was refusing to accept them.

But at Austin's insistence, he eventually did.

After all, most of his clan members got hurt badly and they needed those resources to recover from their injuries.

"Austin, what are you going to do with these people?" Marwell inquired.

The sight of the people of the Sky Sect groaning with agony brought him so much delight.

"I'll leave them to you,"

Austin replied, a smile on his face.


Marwell didn't understand why Austin would let him deal with the Sky Sect disciples.

"These bastards treated you and your clan members badly over the past few days.

It might be a good idea to let your men vent their anger on them," Austin explained.

With that, Marwell had gotten to know why he made his decision.

"But, Austin, the Sky Sect...

You know that we can't afford to mess with the Sky Sect..."

Marwell said, hesitation on his face.

The best cultivator in the Meng clan of Stone City was Marwell, and he had just reached the premium stage of Sky Realm.

Meanwhile, the Sky Sect had over ten thousand disciples who were already at the premium stage of Sky Realm.

So basically, in terms of battle force, the Sky Sect was as powerful as an eagle while the Meng clan was just as weak as an ant.

It was safe to say that it was a piece of cake for the Sky Sect to completely destroy a clan like the Meng clan.

And because of that, Marwell had no confidence nor the intention to treat with the injured Sky Sect warriors however he wanted.

Marwell's plan was to take his men to some faraway place to permanently avoid the Sky Sect.

Austin watched Marwell intently and became aware of the latter's fears and apprehensions.

'For them, the Sky Sect is a scary organization that they wouldn't dare mess with, ' he thought.

"Marwell, do you really think that the people who hold power in the Sky S

who had just joined Marwell also swarmed to those disciples and began beating them indignantly.

Everyone was now fiercely beating the disciples of the Sky Sect.

Rage and hatred was palpable in the air, and no one wanted to stop. They all wanted to kill everyone they got their hands on.

Half an hour later, over a hundred disciples of Sky Sect had been beaten to death.

The people of the Meng clan were not known to be ruthless or aggressive. They were peace-loving people, but because of what these warriors did to them and how they maltreated them to the point they couldn't tolerate, mercy had left their hearts.

For example, if Austin hadn't come to their rescue in time, over thirty young girls of the Meng clan would have been raped by them.

It was something that was unforgivable. The people from the Sky Sect were monsters, and they would do anything to obliterate them.

Before they settled down in Stone City, Marwell and his clan members were met with lots of setbacks and difficulties. Those experiences made them stronger people.

This was another challenge for them, and they were slowly learning to fight back against the oppression that was best upon them.

Austin still found no guilt on their faces after they beat their enemies to death alive.

"Oh, where is Michelle and Joyce?" Austin suddenly asked, looking around.

A bad feeling emerged in his chest.

All the members of Marwell's clan were there except his daughters.

Marwell's face dimmed. His eyes started tearing up, and it looked like he was engulfed by great grief.

"Did anything happen to them?"

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