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   Chapter 785 Push Austin's Buttons

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"Austin, just run away.

Don't worry about us,"

Marwell shouted at Austin frantically as he saw the lad surrounded by the people of the Sky Sect.

Marwell was a kind, grateful person.

Although his clan had ended up like this because of Austin, he had never blamed him for that.

"Don't worry, Marwell; these losers can't hurt me," Austin replied calmly.

Instead of cursing Austin for bringing miseries to the Meng clan, Marwell was still worried about his safety at this point, which touched Austin deeply.

And meanwhile, he felt more guilty than ever. After all, the Meng clan was in trouble because of him and his doings.

"What a snob! He has only just reached the premium stage of Sky Realm. But look at him, brag about his talents.

Let's get him first," Lucas, the one in charge of the group ordered to his men.

Austin's statement pissed him off.

The instant he gave that instruction, two disciples of the Sky Sect who were closest to Austin charged at their enemy.

Austin stretched out his hand, and a vital energy sword burst out from his palm.

The sword aura coming from the sword turned into two light golden stegosauruses and flew towards the two guys who were dashing towards Austin's.

Austin made such a quick move that the two disciples couldn't even have time to step back to dodge it. In a flash, he pierced through in the middle of the eyebrows of the two with his energy vital sword.

The two disciples of the Sky Sect closed their eyes and died on the spot.

A golden light flame appeared from the space between the eyebrows of the two dead men, and then turned in a ball of fire. In an instant, the two were burnt to ashes.

"Austin, I will kill you," Lucas screeched in terrible anger.

As far as he could fathom, Austin was just at the premium stage of Sky Realm.

But this almost novice lad eliminated two of his companions effortlessly, which was beyond his wildest imaginations.

Going ballistic, he took a ferocious step towards Austin.

The enormous vital energy gushed out from the furious man's body with a high-pitched noise, causing a twister around him. Austin could sense with his spiritul sense that Lucas had reached the premium stage of Imperial Realm.

"Who do you think you are? You cannot take my life," Austin sneered in contempt and anger.

This time, Sky Sect had completely messed with Austin for what they had done to the Marwell and his clan.

Therefore, there was only one thought in Austin's mind—kill all the disciples of the Sky Sect.

He bolted towards Lucas too.


escape ended up being surrounded by those corpse demons with no way out.

While the more than forty corpse demons attacked those disciples of the Sky Sect, Austin used the sword of vital energy to free Marwell from those shackles and release him.

He then helped other Meng clan members get rid of those shackles and free themselves.

Even though those shackles were top-grade spiritual weapons meant only to be handled by the experts, they had been broken by Austin's vital energy sword in a jiffy.

"Marwell, I'm sorry for dragging you into this mess,"

Austin apologized profusely as he walked up to Marwell.

"Please don't say that.

If you hadn't assisted us in getting our vital energy crystals back from the Wei clan, then our clan would have been completely wiped out by their violence.

On top of that, you saved my wife's life by giving us the fourth-grade Sunset Elixir.

I will never forget your help and dedication towards our clan,"

Marwell responded in full honesty.

Austin was touched by Marwell's words. 'He is really a good person, ' he thought to himself.

"Marwell, you need not be so formal with me.

Mark my words, I will make the people of the Sky Sect pay the heavy price for what they have done to you," Austin said with fuming rage.

A ferocious determination flashed through his eyes.

The Sky Sect infuriated Austin this time. It had hurt Austin's personal chord.

Austin cared about his family and friends the most. And the Sky Sect had gone way beyond limits by hurting them.

The Sky Sect couldn't find Austin, so they punished the innocent Meng clan who was close to him. Their vengeful actions pushed Austin's buttons and naturally he lost his cool

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