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   Chapter 784 The So-called Decent Sect!

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7697

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Soon after they left the Daylight City, the men from the Sky Sect who escorted Marwell and his family members began to covet the young females of the Meng Family.

As time went by, they grew more and more frivolous. Filthy words and bawdy tunes of indecent songs like 'eighteen kinds of touches' were all that they could utter or hum.

The other members of the Meng family trembled with anger, but being prisoners, revolt was a daydream. They knew they were only meat on the chopping board and would live at the mercy of the Sky Sect.

The farther the party moved from the Daylight City, more desolate the path became. Annoyingly, the more unbridled the members of the Sky Sect turned.

Known as a decent and respectable sect of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, the disciples of the Sky Sect had a reputation to maintain and could not dare to go too far under the public gaze.

But once in the barren wasteland where there was no sign of human presence, the Sky Sect disciples began to show their true colors.

They constantly spoke filthy and obscene words to flirt with the young females of the Meng Family. They had fixed their lustful eyes on those women and were getting hysterical.

Their behavior was getting unbearable as they exceeded the line of decency at times.

Some of them took advantage of chances from time to time and patted on the slender bodies of the young females of the Meng Family. Some even had the nerves to come forward to embrace the women forcibly.

Frustrated and helpless, all those young females screamed and struggled to get rid of their clutches and avoid sexual harassment.

This made the lustful disciples of the Sky Sect more excited.

Their behavior became excessively wild and indecent.

"Lucas, the steward will not blame or punish us if we abuse or sexually assault the Meng family's bitches, will he?"

Finally, a short man with crooked eyebrows and squinted eyes couldn't resist his lust any more and asked Lucas loudly.

Lucas was a 35 years old man, who was in charge of the escorting team. He seemed to be a sensible and disciplined man of fine presence, with a long sword that was hung at his belt.

His cultivation base had reached the premium stage of Imperial Realm. Judging from the sharp sword radiance that faintly exuded fro

ir attention to Austin.

"Oh! The young hero! It's you!"

Marwell shouted with surprise and delight as soon as Austin appeared.

His voice echoed and was accompanied by the voices of other members of the Meng family.

"It's Austin! Yes, you're right!"

a large number of the members from the Meng family had followed Marwell when he entered the black forest.

They had witnessed Austin tame those nine scorpion-tailed leopards. Indeed they had a good impression of Austin.

"What? Austin? Is he Austin?"

the disciples from the Sky Sect cried out as soon as they heard the juvenile's name from the lips of the members of the Meng family.

Lucas snapped his finger and took out the portrait from his Space Ring to check. The portrait had the face of the juvenile. It was exactly the same as the young man standing before him. He couldn't be wrong about that.

"That's correct! He is indeed Austin! Don't let him get away!"

As it was one of the major sects and boasted of its strength, the Sky Sect had offered a reward for Austin's arrest. Of course, it was a handsome reward.

Anyone would have a feather in his cap and a substantial pecuniary reward if he could arrest Austin. Encouraged by that, all the disciples from the Sky Sect clenched their fists and wiped their palms. There was excitement on their faces as they looked at it as an opportunity to make a name for themselves.

In the blink of an eye, they formed a circle with Austin in the center. But they were unaware what they were going to face!

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