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   Chapter 783 Find Marwell

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After leaving Stone City, Marwell and his men went straight to the Daylight City.

The city was actually the headquarters of the Meng clan from which Marwell used to be a disciple.

One day, he headed for the Stone City with several members of the Meng clan where he settled down and established his own business, eventually becoming an influential family.

Technically speaking, the clan he established in the Stone City was a branch of the entire Meng clan from the Daylight City.

That was why Marwell had chosen to bring his members back to the Daylight City.

The head of the Meng clan accepted Marwell and his men, providing them places to live.

However, during their stay, something happened––a group of people, led by a steward of the Sky Sect followed Marwell to the Daylight City.

They came to the residence of the Meng clan and demanded them to hand over Marwell and his men.

Instead of backing up their clan members, the Meng clan in the Daylight City chose to suck up to the people of the Sky Sect.

To avoid getting themselves into trouble, the head of the Meng clan ordered his men to take Marwell and his over four hundred followers and hand them over to the people of the Sky Sect.

That was the story which Marco told Austin.

After hearing it, Austin learned that all the members of the Meng clan of the Stone City had been taken prisoners because of him.

'Sky Sect!'

Austin clenched his fists, and a ferocious look flashed across his eyes.

'Those guys from the Sky Sect took it out on Marwell and his clan members because they couldn't find me.'

As he gazed at the innocent members of the Meng clan––about a hundred people in total, Austin was at a loss for words, not knowing how to comfort them.

With a sword of vital energy in his hand, he moved around Marwell's clan members at a speed that no one could fathom with the naked eye.

When he stopped, their iron chains broke and dropped on the ground.

Austin then took out a batch of herbs and elixirs from his Space Ring, handed them to Marco, and asked him to distribute them to his injured companions.

Since the herbs and elixirs were of high level, they worked miracles in healing and revital


Three hundred clan members, all of whom were wearing heavy handcuffs and leg irons, were forced to march forward.

Over a hundred cultivators from the Sky Sect escorted them.

A dozen people were at the premium stage of Imperial Realm; over twenty were at the preliminary or medium stage of Imperial Realm; the rest were at the medium or premium stage of Sky Realm.

The best cultivator among the prisoners––Marwell––was only at the premium stage of Sky Realm.

There was a considerable difference in the battle force between the two groups.

Aware of that, the men of Sky Sect looked relaxed, confident that their prisoners would not escape.

To their utmost arrogance, they chatted and laughed as if they were on a trip.

Aside from having lower cultivation base, the prisoners were also in chains––restricting any attempt of upheaval.

For those from the Sky Sect, it was definitely an easy task to escort the Meng clan members.

It was as if they were merely tending to a herd of meek sheep.

They even made fun of their prisoners––throwing insulting and disrespectful remarks.

If some of the Meng clan members snapped back, they would undoubtedly punch or lash them hard.

The disciples of the Sky Sect also salivated on the women of the Meng clan.

They surveyed the bodies of those poor women with their lewd and lustful eyes.

Those crooked cultivators did not only think so highly of themselves but were also freaky perverts.

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