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   Chapter 782 Misfortune Strikes The Meng Family

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"Really? You're from the Sky Sect?"

Austin was a little shocked when he heard the name Sky Sect.

"Yes! Now you know who we are.

So, just get out of my way!"

a man probably in his early thirties spoke. He wore a cyan colored gown and looked quite arrogant.

Apparently he was the leader of this team. He looked out of the ordinary. No doubt that his cultivation base wasn't lower than the premium stage of Imperial Realm.

Sky Sect was one of the five biggest sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. The sect was powerful and influential in the kingdom.

"Well, now that I know you're from the Sky Sect, I don't think I have to be polite and respectful to you!"

Austin said. He hadn't forgotten about the feud between him and the Sky Sect.

He felt like now it was a good chance to teach them a lesson.

Already Austin knew a lot of members of the Meng Family of the Stone City.

Their cultivation base wasn't very high, but most of them were kind and honest men.

And now they had become the prisoners of the Sky Sect.

Obviously that was because of the Sky Sect's bullies.

Sadly now the people of the Meng Family made their living by mining crystals for the Sky Sect.

Maybe something bad had happened to their mine and they couldn't deliver enough vital energy crystal. Thus, they were punished by the Sky Sect.

Austin was tired of talking to that man dressed in cyan. He activated the Thunderbolt Movement Skill and suddenly appeared in front of the man. He raised his fist and punched that man in the face.

The impact when his fist hit the man's face was more than three hundred tons in weight. It surprised as well as suppressed that man and he couldn't move an inch from the head to the bottom, not even a finger.

"How could you...?"

He uttered those words as he watched Austin's fist coming towards him and hit him in the face. It was so quick that he couldn't finish his last sentence.

A second later, his body blew up. He was torn into pieces, and scattered everywhere around.

Seeing what happened before their eyes, all the team members were scared.

"How can he kill our fellow brother?

We have to kill this man to avenge for him!"

"Bastard! How dare you kill anyone of the Sky Sect? You'll pay for that."

Making such preposterous threats, they all came forward and surrounded Austin. They activated their vital energy and launched all kinds of skills at him.

Besides, some of them activated their spiritual weapons and sacred weapons to fight against Austin.

Vital energy force echoed around with the shouts of the men.

The man in the cyan gown

he Sky Sect.

He also told Marwell that he knew Austin was once living in the Meng Family. It was apparent that Austin knew someone from the Meng Family who had given him a place to live.

After informing about Austin, Bastow told Marwell that he wanted to marry Michelle. Marwell refused to this alliance, so he threatened that he would go and tell the Sky Sect that the Meng Family knew Austin. If Marwell didn't agree to the marriage then he would have to face the consequences for helping Austin.

Bastow gave them one day to think over his proposal. He said he would directly go to the Sky Sect if he didn't get what he wanted.

Marwell asked someone go out to inquire about the news.

They learned that the Sky Sect had indeed posted an order for your arrest all over the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. It was true that Austin was a wanted fugitive.

Marwell had been working for the Sky Sect for a long time, so he knew what they could do. The people of the Sky Sect are very cunning and cruel.

So he couldn't allow Bastow to tell the Sky Sect that they had accommodated Austin. The Meng Family would be ruined by the Sky Sect if he did that.

They had no choice, but how could they agree to Bastow's proposal! A day later, Michelle told her father that she was concerned about her family and wanted to save all of the Meng Family, so she was willing to marry Bastow.

Bastow was ecstatic on hearing the news. But he wasn't satisfied yet. He put forward another demand. He said that besides Michelle, he wanted Joyce to be his concubine.

How could Marwell and Michelle allow that? Joyce was only a twelve-year-old girl, after all.

Marwell had no choice but to leave the Stone City with all the people of the Meng Family.

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