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   Chapter 781 Meet The People Of The Meng Family From The Stone City Again

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9289

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Though Austin possessed great vital energy, he still felt that his energy meridians were in need of more vital energy. Each energy meridian seemed to be explicitly thirsty for vital energy just like the drought land full of cracks waiting to seep in water. All of his energy meridians were shouting for more vital energy.

Therefore all the vital energy inside Austin's elixir field was flowing out to fill all the energy meridians controlled by his mind.

Previously Austin had a large stock of vital energy inside the vital energy stone. So he didn't have to worry about its shortage.

At the same time, the spiritual energy around Austin's body seemed to be attracted by some unknown strength and it started to flow into Austin's body.

About after what seemed like two long hours, Austin's body shook violently and then the immensely powerful vital energy force burst out from his body.

Austin had reached the premium stage of Sky Realm!

He was joyous as his vital energy cultivation base improved again.

After he broke through the premium stage, Austin still sat on his feet to cultivate himself. He adjusted his breath to make his cultivation base more solidified.

Four hours later, Austin opened his eyes with a sudden jolt, his eyes shining.

At that moment, Austin proved to be a completely qualified cultivator at the premium stage of Sky Realm also with perfected stability.

The Earthly Mother Essence was really amazing. After eating it, Austin felt that his process of breaking through went very smoothly.

Thinking that he had several bottles of the Earthly Mother Essence in his space ring, Austin could not help himself but get excited about the whole turn of events.

No one had any idea about which level he could reach with the help of the Earthly Mother Essence.

Then Austin pulled out more than ten divine vital energy crystals and proceeded to absorb the spiritual energy inside them and stock it into the vital energy stone inside his elixir field.

Some of the vital energy contained in the vital energy stone had been consumed when he broke through this time, so he must make it up.

The amount of the spiritual energy contained in the divine vital energy crystal was much greater compared to the superior vital energy crystal.

Austin needed at least half an hour to finish absorbing the spiritual energy contained in one divine vital energy crystal. Such was the power of the stone.

As per superior vital energy crystal, Austin could absorb all the spiritual energy in a moment.

He absorbed the spiritual energy contained in more than ten divine vital energy crystals before he stopped at one go.

The next few days, Austin walked in some unknown direction all by himself and three days later, he found himself in

raging them. They seemed to be familiar and close.

So it was clear that all the prisoners were members of the Meng Family of the Stone City..

Austin was confused and had lots of questions in his mind. There was a great distance between the Daylight City and the Stone City.

How did the members of the Meng Family become prisoners? And why were they sent to the Daylight City?

Now that Austin found out the prisoners were all members of the Meng Family of the Stone City, he could no more stand there silently witnessing the unspeakable torment.

But instead of making it clear who he was in public, he decided to follow them quietly.

These people walked towards the gates of the city.

After an hour, they passed the city gate and left the Daylight City. Then they kept on moving in west north direction.

On their way, the escorting cultivators drove the prisoners by often yelling at them. If the prisoners did not follow their words, they would beat the prisoners with the whips in their hands.

Austin fixed on these people with his spiritual sense force and followed them from behind, keeping a safe distance from them.

After they walked for another two hours, they had arrived at a very isolated place.

It was a barren land around them and there were no people inhabiting there.

Austin did not wait anymore because he knew a little more delay would only add to the suffering of the Meng family members.

Starting his Thunderbolt Movement Skill, Austin's body appeared in front of these people and blocked their way in an eye blink. Austin was quick like the lighting.

"Stinker, who are you?

We are from the Sky Sect and we are escorting prisoners. If you are wise, you must hide yourself and let us be on our way,"

instantly there was someone who stood out from the crowd and shouted out loudly to Austin.

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