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   Chapter 780 On The Point Of A New Breakthrough

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"The Earthly Mother Essence is definitely good, pretty good.

Dahlia, you often say you want to learn vital energy cultivation method rather than the body cultivation method of our Veritable Demon Sect, right?

You have my physical quality inheritance, a poor aptitude in vital energy cultivation.

You will go nowhere if you insist on the vital energy cultivation.

And the essence in this jade bottle will change your aptitude and make you suitable to develop vital energy cultivation, if you take it.

Then you can cultivate vital energy as you like,"

explained the middle-aged man.


That's pretty good!"

Dahlia shouted and jumped for joy.

'But why would that lad give such a precious treasure to Dahlia?' the man wondered.

His face was unpredictable and puzzled. "Well, let's go back," he said after a brief thought.

With the maidens on his sides, he strode into the distance.

Half a day later, a grain of sand in the riverbed moved a little.

It softly floated and drifted downstream along the river.

A few hours later, this grain of sand was already a dozen miles away from its original position.

Slowly a wisp of spiritual sense rose out of it.

A figure flashed out from it only when it was sure of its safety.

That figure was of no one else but Austin!

The gnome and Violet also came out of the Illusion Bead.

Tessa had already been teleported by Austin into the City when he heard that Dahlia's father was in the Dragon City.

Moreover, he gave a large amount of cultivation resources to her so she would concentrate on cultivation in the City without being disturbed. She could work further to reach a higher level.

Austin regarded Tessa as his elder sister.

Thus, he was quite generous to give her some invaluable resources.

He was hoping that she would make some breakthroughs with those cultivation resources soon.

"I never expected that Dahlia's father would be so powerful. I am nothing but an ant in front of him."

Austin's heart was still fluttering with fear when he recalled what he had encountered.

He released his spiritual sense in the upstream direction.

It took a long while for Austin to relax, for he need

all over his body, passing into his blood, flesh, bones, energy meridians and cells. It was the result of the Earthly Mother Essence meeting his tongue.

A feeling of steadiness ran through all his veins. Austin felt only happiness in his body and mind as if he were basking in the sun.

As the essence kept seeping into every corner of his body, Austin felt like every one of his meridians was undergoing transformation and restructuring.

His energy meridians were expanding.

If Austin's energy meridians were to be compared to creeks, now it felt like those creeks were turning into big rivers!

Half an hour later, Austin finally finished the absorption of half bottle's Earthly Mother Essence.

He made a rough estimation and found his energy meridians were ten times larger in size than before!

Moreover, a sour and numb feeling was becoming dominant in his energy meridians as a series of crisp and cracking sounds were heard which seemed like setting off firecrackers.

He was on the point of a new breakthrough!

Austin had no doubts about that.

He circulated his vital energy and dashed against the hurdles which prevented him from making the breakthrough.

Continuous vital energy gushed out from the golden light ball in his elixir field and vital energy stone. It kept flowing along all his energy meridians.

At this moment, Austin's energy meridians had increased ten times in volume than before. It was going to happen anytime now!

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