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   Chapter 779 Is It Excellent

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The sound waves compressed the air with immense pressure, making the wind twist and howl loudly.

Everything in front of the middle-aged man –– the wildflowers, bushes, stones, hills, and animals –– turned into ashes.

After witnessing such a spectacle, Austin felt that his blood rushed through his chest, and that his heartbeat went wild as if his heart was about to burst.

The sheer force that was released was so powerful that it was beyond Austin's imagination!

Such a level of destruction could only be executed by a monster. To think that it was caused by a middle-aged man, who had such great physical strength, was extremely unbelievable.

Using his spiritual sense, Austin could tell that the air around the man twisted due to the immense power released by the latter's physical strength.

Shock waves would erupt from his body with his every move.

Each step he took created cracks on the ground, which spread for thousands of meters away. It was as if a giant had walked by. Ashes, sand, as well as rolling stones, flew with the wind and scattered everywhere.

The ground beneath his feet trembled and shook slightly.

Frankly, Austin felt as if the man was not human at all, but a giant or rather a monster.

His physical strength was actually ten times greater than Austin's. This made the latter realize that he was no match against the man on a one-on-one duel.

It would look like an ant battling against a giant. It was downright impossible to defeat someone of his caliber.

Moreover, Austin was well aware that he had made quite a ruckus opening too many coffins and stealing numerous treasures, which were left by the Elders and the Sect Leaders in the Holy Tomb of the Veritable Demon Sect. The place was considered holy and sacred, but he turned it into complete chaos.

It was common knowledge that the Holy Tomb was where all the sect's elders and leaders rested after their deaths and a place which held the Veritable Demon Sect's history and succession.

Since the man found out that the ruin of the Veritable Demon Sect was Austin's doing, he had the very reason to capture and kill the latter.

Austin suddenly felt worried and fearful, because, despite the fact that he was no match against him, he also had nowhere else to go. He was trapped and h

tially thought it would be easy to chase and find the young lad.

He waved his hand, and the two dragons fell back to where they were. The clouds of dust, mixed with the water, made the air muddy.

A few minutes later, the river was back to its natural state with the water running at its normal speed.

Dahlia and Faye were standing behind the middle-aged man. They were relieved to know that he failed to find Austin.

"Dad, don't cause trouble for Austin anymore.

He had been kind to me during the days I journeyed with him.

Look, he was even generous enough to give me these," Dahlia said.

Although she secretly hated Austin for causing her to get caught, she still didn't want her father to hurt him.

Dahlia might be sharp-tongued, but she definitely had a soft heart.

To prove Austin's kindness, she took a lot of things from the space ring and showed them to his father.

There were more than one thousand superior vital energy crystals, some pellets of grade four or five, some elixirs, and a small jade bottle.


Did Austin give you all of these?"

the middle-aged man asked surprisingly while staring at those things.

He focused on the small jade bottle and took it, cautiously opening the bottle.

"Earthly Mother Essence!" the middle-aged man shouted in amazement.

"Did Austin give this to you?"

He tried to control his surprise with a straight face.

"Yes, he did.

Is it great?" Dahlia asked proudly.

Seeing how surprised her father was, she couldn't help but grin.

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