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   Chapter 778 The Father Of Dahlia

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Upon hearing the deep and resonant voice, the expressions on Dahlia's and Faye's faces drastically changed.

"Oh my god! It's my Dad!" Dahlia exclaimed.

She immediately took Faye's hand, and as she was using her bodily movement to run away, she shouted at Austin, "Hey lecher, why are you still standing there? Let's go!"

Austin audibly sighed. "Indeed," he started, with a resigned but relieved look on his face. "I should go. You two stay here. Hope to see you around, Dahlia, Faye," he finished, a warm smile resting on his lips.

When he heard that deafening sound, he also got startled.

The sheer volume of the voice was enough to make him feel highly uncomfortable. It felt like his body was being squished by an invisible force, and it made the blood and energy in his body flow very slowly.

Since it was basically undisputed that he had terrific physical strength of 700, 000 pounds, he didn't expect that someone would be capable of suppressing his physical strength. On top of that, it was only his voice!

With that, Austin had already considered Dahlia's father as one of the most powerful being he had ever come upon, and he hadn't even met him!

But what Austin knew about him was that he was a master of the Veritable Demon Sect.

Despite being thoroughly impressed with Dahlia's father, he had no intention of staying and meeting him. As planned, he would leave them and continue his journey.

As Austin was deep in thought, Dahlia had already dragged Faye far from where they were originally standing. The moment he became aware of this, he swiftly chased after them and when he was able to catch up with them, he quickly blocked their way. Seeing him, the two girls became so alarmed. Dahlia was about to move him out of the way but he was faster. He grabbed her and Faye and dragged them back to where the powerful voice came from.

Shocked by the sudden action Austin took, Dahlia's face became pale. As Austin was dragging her, she screamed on top of her lungs, saying, "Damn it! What are you doing, lecher!"

Ignoring Dahlia's rants, Austin focused his energy on using his mind to order Violet and gnome to hide in the Illusion Bead.

After that, he performed his Thunderbolt Movement Formula.

In a flash, he disappeared from the scene.

After being brought back, Dahlia and Faye suddenly felt like their energies were being siphoned by an invisible force. They tried to exercise a bodily movement skill to escape, but their vital energy was unable to flow smoothly. As a result, they weren't able to proceed to do what they were planning to do.

"That lecher! I swear to god, when I see you again, I won't spare you!"

Dahlia cried out loudly.

Right after that moment, a middle-aged man, who was of imposing stature, bushy eyebrows and big eyes which were round and red with anger, started coming towards them. He was giving off an unimaginable magnitude

like a powerful beast chasing after its prey. It seemed to split the air and was charging towards Austin in full speed.

Austin was struck with awe when he sensed the great strength coming towards him. He released all his vital energy force, and the mighty power of the Thunder Elixir gushed out from his elixir field. It flew around the surface of his body, forming a formidable aura.

With that, his running speed quickened. People were only able to see a pale golden light flash outside the city.

"This guy really knows a thing or two, huh? Some martial artists who were at the premium stage of Imperial Realm couldn't be as excellent as him,"

the middle-aged man said as he heartily admired Austin, with Dahlia and Faye by his sides. Every step he took brought the three of them almost one mile forward.

Plains, trees, roads and other landscapes all became an intelligible blur as they passed them.

Moments later, they were already closing in to Austin.

Without any other choice, Austin performed the Thunderbolt Movement Skill and Wind-commanding Skill at the same time.

With strong vital energy, he was moving forward at top speed. Despite that, however, he looked a little pathetic and exhausted as he used the two skills at the same time.

However, as for the middle-aged man, he just looked like he was walking leisurely, but his speed was definitely faster than Austin's.

The large disparity between their strengths was becoming obvious.

About ten minutes later, the distance between them was short enough for them to be see each other.

"Time out, boy!" Dahlia's father shouted behind Austin. "I just want to ask you a question!

Have you ever been to the Holy Tomb of the Veritable Demon Sect?"

Once again, the sonorous sound that was coming from behind Austin was affecting the way his energy was flowing inside his body. 'What the hell?' Austin thought, as he struggled to maintain his speed.

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