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   Chapter 777 Back To The Dragon City (Part Two)

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He nodded in order to let the gnome know that he understood everything he said. Just by imagining how fast and smooth his cultivation of his vital energy might go with the help of the essence, Austin could hardly wait to try it out.

Having a rather low vital energy cultivation base of the medium stage of Sky Realm, Austin was in dire need of upgrading his level. After all, being superior in strength was the only way that he could survive in this turbulent world.

After coming out of the cave and getting enough light of the sun, Austin took out one of his jade bottles and divided the essence into equivalent three portions. He gave a portion to Tessa, the girl in purple and her servant girl respectively. They all accepted the essence with great pleasure.

As for the gnome and Violet, since they were demonic beasts and they had a different cultivation system from human being, the Earthly Mother Essence would not be of much help to them.

By taking the essence, what they could gain at most was enhancing the strength of their bodies. Unfortunately, the real effect of the Earthly Mother Essence would not be able to show up on them, considering their cultivation process.

So in the end, Austin just gave each of them a small portion.

Austin tapped the pocket that contained the jade bottles lightly. After sharing it with his crew, he still got five bottles of essence left. In silence, he promised to himself that he would make good use of them and never waste them on anything unimportant.

Then, as all of the arrangements had been made up properly, the march went on, towards the external territory of the Sunset Mountain.

While they were on their way, from time to time, they encountered fighters of various realms.

Some of them had climbed up the mountain in order to trap some diabolic beasts to exchange them with elixirs on the market, while some, they had come here to seek for a mighty opponent. Although dangerous, fighting with a strong, prominent diabolic beast would be helpful for their actual refining trial and would be able to propel their cultivation base strength.

Needless to say, there were also fighters from the Sky Sect, the Ghost Puppet Sect and the New Moon Sect.

As for them, their goal as to why they entered the area was very simple: to hunt Austin down.

Not wanting to get into any trouble, whenever he felt their presence nearby, Austin used his spiritual sense to locate their position in order to avoid bumping into them.

Five days later, they were finally able to exit the Sunset Mountain. Shortly after that, they began traveling towards their next destination.

Not long after they were on their way, they discovered a small township ahead. Having accumulated plenty of

servant girl was not with her in that respect. "My princess, I really suggest that we go back already.

It has been a while since we left the sect.

Your dad must have been looking for you desperately," she meekly suggested.

She was anxious and fearful thinking about how the sect leader would punish her for leaving with the princess without any prior permission.

"Faye, if you are afraid, you can go back yourself.

I guarantee you that I will not come out with you next time," the girl in purple countered.

Her domineering manner was very obvious in her tone.

Looking at the scene, Austin could not help but feel a headache coming on. Rightfully, he had already anticipated that it would be difficult to convince the girl to go with what he had already planned.

Despite that, he found it extremely funny to see a princess yearn for his tough, rootless life and treat it as something that she had longed for, like a life goal.

In order for him to get rid of her, he started to persuade her softly.

"Dahlia," he called out her name directly in a gentle tone.

Truth be told, it was his first time to call her by her name, and surely, it made him awkward and shy.

"I know you want to be with this group.

But I have some urgent issues to deal with in the next few days.

Urgent also means something dangerous. I really don't want to bring you any kind of danger on my account," he said.

Just as he was to dissuade her more, a high, vibrant voice of a man interrupted him.

"Dahlia, how dare you come out for so long without telling me?

I have been looking for you everywhere.

See how I will punish you!"

The voice was so clear and filled with fury that they all looked at each other with fear in their eyes for a second before turning around to look for the source of the sound.

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