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   Chapter 776 Back To The Dragon City (Part One)

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Austin instantly acted in accordance with the instruction.

After holding out his hand, he began transmitting his vital energy towards it. A clutter of mist emanated out and wafted above his palm before gradually forming into a golden, shiny vital energy sword. At first the sword was small and bleary as if it was a fragile newborn animal. Then, after a little while, it started producing huge tongues of flame. Because of that, the temperature of the sword skyrocketed so much that it warmed up the entire area. After a few moments, the flames faded away and revealed a tangible blazing vital energy sword that looked sharp enough to pierce through anything.

In order to not make any kind of contact with the vital energy sword, Austin used his perception to control it. Skillfully, he pointed the sword to the jade and ordered it to cut through it.

In an instant, the sword moved towards the jade at the speed of light and cut through its edge without making the slightest sound.

With a soft 'puff', the edge that was cut off of the jade fell to the ground.

Where the edge was cut, a small hole appeared. Peeping into the hole, Austin was overjoyed to find out indeed, there was something inside the jade, and it might be the essence that they had been looking for. A stream of white mist wafted out of the hole. Along with it came a lovely fragrance that spread in the air around until flowed into their noses.

They then lowered their heads in order to study the jade a bit closer. Once again, to Austin's surprise, the jade was not solid inside like the usual jades he had seen. It was also containing some fluid whose color and smell really resembled milk. There was no doubt that the fluid was the Earthly Mother Essence that they had been looking for, and to top it off, the jade was almost full to the brim!

Everyone's excitement was palpable.

"It is indeed the Earthly Mother Essence! And there's so many of it in there!

Oh buddy, you really lucked out today!

This Earthly Mother Essence is really precious and hard to get!

Obtaining a tiny drop of it is already way beyond fortunate, but to get a jade full of it? Absolutely bonkers!" the gnome ex

the gnome licking his lips in a funny, comical manner.

This didn't surprise them, however.

It was not the first time they had seen the gnome devour some precious, rare stones. Just like fruits are favorable food to humans, jades are delicious feasts to gnomes.

No matter how rare and valuable the stones might be, in gnomes' eyes, they were just some delicious snacks that were meant to stuff their empty stomachs.

Indifferent to their laughter, the gnome continued sharing his knowledge about the Earthly Mother Essence, "Lad, do remember to take just a tiny drop when cultivating your vital energy.

Just one tiny drop is all you need to speed up your cultivation process. I assure you that the essence will supply you as much vital energy as you need.

Also, the essence would not only boost your cultivation speed, but it can also guarantee that the quality of your vital energy would be top-notch. Maintaining a steady, highly efficient vital energy cultivation process is what you would be able to get if you take the essence.

You should also take good advantage of it when you decide to use it, but you shouldn't waste it on any unnecessary occasion. Anyway, by taking one tiny drop would you only fully understand its magical effects. No amount of my explanation would give it justice,"

the gnome concluded, his eyes still glistening. Opposite him, Austin was listening attentively, with the same level of glint in his eyes.

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