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   Chapter 775 Back To The Dragon City (Part One)

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Austin instantly acted in accordance with the instruction.

After holding out his hand, he began transmitting his vital energy towards it. A clutter of mist emanated out and wafted above his palm before gradually forming into a golden, shiny vital energy sword. At first the sword was small and bleary as if it was a fragile newborn animal. Then, after a little while, it started producing huge tongues of flame. Because of that, the temperature of the sword skyrocketed so much that it warmed up the entire area. After a few moments, the flames faded away and revealed a tangible blazing vital energy sword that looked sharp enough to pierce through anything.

In order to not make any kind of contact with the vital energy sw

supply you as much vital energy as you need.

Also, the essence would not only boost your cultivation speed, but it can also guarantee that the quality of your vital energy would be top-notch. Maintaining a steady, highly efficient vital energy cultivation process is what you would be able to get if you take the essence.

You should also take good advantage of it when you decide to use it, but you shouldn't waste it on any unnecessary occasion. Anyway, by taking one tiny drop would you only fully understand its magical effects. No amount of my explanation would give it justice,"

the gnome concluded, his eyes still glistening. Opposite him, Austin was listening attentively, with the same level of glint in his eyes.

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