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   Chapter 774 Earthly Mother Essence

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Austin, the gnome and Violet slowly dropped down to the bottom of the pit hole, which Austin made by continuously punching the ground.

Its size was at least five or six times deeper and wider than it originally was, which was impressive.

"Down here, boy, your powerful physical strength would automatically earn you a place as a digger!"

the gnome said, as he pointed at the bottom of the pit Austin made.

"Thanks," he said cheekily. "Alright then, let's get going!"

Austin released his physical strength at once and delivered strong punch right onto the ground.

Without any kind of reservation, he poured his full force that was equivalent to almost seven hundred thousand pounds into the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They felt the whole mountain shake a little bit.

With two or three punches, another large ditch with a width of four to five meters was created at the bottom of the pit.

In a flash, gnome jumped down into it.

Austin and Violet followed him closely.

The ditch was about ten meters deep, and it got narrower as they descended.

"Down here, continue digging here!"

gnome said as he halted in the middle of the ditch and pointed downward.

With Austin's continued digging, a wider and deeper ditch was formed.

Finally, they were over two hundred meters under the ground. With that depth, Austin started to suspect that gnome was wrong with the direction that they were going, but when he fixed his eyes on the soil under his feet, he suddenly let out a soft gasp.

Squatting down, Austin grabbed a handful of dirt. It was wet, and there was a certain rich spiritual energy permeating in the moisture that was infused with it. As he breathed deeply, he felt the tremendous amount of energy that it was containing.

A spark of joy could be seen in Austin's eyes when he realized the land that they were stepping on was indeed out of the ordinary.

Encouraged by this discovery, Austin once again channeled his physical strength and dug another forty to fifty meters deep. When they reached that depth, gnome said, "Stop! I think we're here."


There was something wrong with how that sounded.

Then suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, bright rays peered from underneath, and it lit the dark pit as bright as broad daylight.

It was the divine vital energy crystals.

Crystals the size of a fist were shining bright amidst all the dirt around them.

Austin felt a very dense spiritual energy emitting from them, which was rose-colored with violet mist around the crystals.

These crystals were exactly what they were looking for.

After they discovered the crystals, Austin continued to widen and deepen the mud pit, finally he dug out three hundred divine vital energy crystals in total.


or's marital arts cultivation aptitude is innate, but his aptitude of meridians will decide the potential of his vital energy and martial arts cultivation. Heck, even for his the length of his life!" Gnome started to laugh out loud.

"But the Earthly Mother Essence is also able to change a cultivator's vital energy aptitude and talent," he said, this time seriously.

"So let me put it this way, so you could better understand. A mediocre warrior will be able to be transformed into a genius vital energy cultivator if he would be lucky enough to get even a tiny bit of the Earthly Mother Essence," he concluded with a satisfied smile.

"The Earthly Mother Essence is truly something to die for, isn't it?"

Gnome continued to explain the functions of the Earthly Mother Essence to Austin and Violet at length, and by the end of it, they both understood what it would mean for them.

Austin took a deep breath as he observed the jade in his hands carefully. Then, a look of realization flashed in his eyes.

Austin indeed lacked most in vital energy cultivation, so the Earthly Mother Essence would definitely have a great significance to him.

"Are you sure this jade is the Earthly Mother Essence?"

Austin asked gnome one more time.

"Of course not," gnome replied, his tone playful. "But the object inside the jade may be.

You can use your vital energy sword to cut a corner of the jade open and check.

But please, lad," he said as he touched Austin's shoulders. "Please take care of it. The Earthly Mother Essence could only be put in jade bottle.

Because of that, you should first prepare several jade bottles in case the Earthly Mother Essence truly is inside that jade you're holding.

If it gets in contact with the ground, it will seep through into the earth instantly and vanish forever,"

the gnome told Austin.

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