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   Chapter 774

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It was Austin's second time to see the Crystal Mine Mountain. As it reminded him of the past days, in a reminiscent mood, Austin heaved a sign to express his nostalgias.

After a while, he arrived at the Crystal Mine Mountain, and he was astonished at the sight of the place.

It seemed much different from what he remembered last time.

For once, it was a scenic and unpolluted mountain enveloped by spiritual energy and covered with exuberant vegetation

However, as he got close to the mountain, it totally changed––its height had shortened to almost three-fifth.

The vegetation was wiped out, and fissures spread over its surface as if it had been through an earthquake.

Unbelievable! The mountain was no longer as beautiful as it once was.

The others, much like Austin, were all unwilling to accept the horrible sight before them.

Austin pondered for a while. Soon, he figured out the reason why the Crystal Mine Mountain was inflicted with such severe damage. Those fissures must be caused by cultivators who had to dig holes in search for crystal mines.

Spreading spiritual sense to the desolate mountain top of the Crystal Mine Mountain, Austin detected that there was a handful of people on it.

He further found out that five men were excavating at the center of a vast pit.

It was evident that those men was taking a chance on whether this area had any vital energy crystals left.

Judging from the fluctuation in their vital energy force, Austin speculated that three of them were at the medium stage of Imperial Realm, while the other two were at the premium stage of Imperial Realm.

"These greedy cultivators could not resist the temptation of vital energy crystals. You see, just to get those crystals, they even went as far as flattening a mountain peak."

Austin shook his head with a bitter smile.

He then decided to bypass the Crystal Mine Mountain and headed towards the direction of outside the Sunset Mountain.


There must be something valuable that we haven't discovered on the Crystal Mine Mountain."

The gnome suddenly paused and sent a message to Austin through spiritual sense.

To prove his intuition, the gnome released beast soul energy to further perceive the existence of rare treasures in the mountain.

Seeing the gnome's strange action, Austin––in full of expectation––instantly knew that he must have discovered something.

'In addition to vital energy crystal, is there something valuable that we didn't know?"

In Austin's mind, the gnome was a born scout equipped with high probing sensation and quick perception.

Furthermore, not long ago, the gnome's ability of perception had reached a higher level So, Austin was not skeptical of the gnome's ability anymore.

The others, seeing Austin and the gnome not moving, stopped as well.

Moments later, the gnome's face beamed with joy. He had surely discovered something.

"Boy, on the foot of this mountain are some unusual thing buried deeply.

Do you want to take a look?"

The gnome telepathically connected with his fellows.

"Really? Som

decide upon your destiny.

Don't ever think that you could escape under our escort. You have a minimal chance of fleeing under our surveillance."

The man who was tall and well-built warned Austin.

He was sure that the combined strength of their cultivators––two at the premium stage of Imperial Realm and three at the medium stage of Imperial Realm––was enough to triumph over Austin in a fight.

Slight impatience registered on Austin's face as he saw how serious the man looked.

Fighting against any cultivator at the stage of Master Realm was not a big deal to him––if there would be an inevitable fight.

However, currently, he was facing five cultivators who were all at the Imperial Realm. Judging from their tone, they were very confident and determined to defeat him.

At the thought of this, Austin got a little impatient.

"Forget it. I don't have time to quarrel with you all."

Having finished these words, Austin sent a beam of spiritual sense to connect with the City.

The five cultivators––who closely surrounded Austin no more than three hundred meters away––happened to be standing at the coverage area of the wave of strength. That area could transfer everything to the City.

A sudden power appeared out of nowhere and enveloped the five cultivators from the Sky Sect.

Lost and frightened, they found themselves shrieking and screaming as they were being transported into the City.

Meanwhile, Tessa, Dahlia, and Faye––who were exerting bodily movement skill––arrived at the hill where Austin and his fellows were.

As the three girls' cultivation bases and bodily movement skills were respectively far lower and inferior than that of Austin, Violet, and the gnome's, they took a long while to get there.

Austin advised Tessa and the other two girls to find a concealed location at the edge of the hill to hide themselves.

To ensure their safety, he released five corpse demons to escort them on the way.

Austin, Violet, and the gnome jumped into the deep pit after seeing the girls hide for their safety.

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