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   Chapter 772 Seven Hundred Thousand Pounds Of Physical Strength! (Part Two)

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It was a fatal blow for the lizard. The huge body was broken in the middle into two pieces, and it drew its last breath at once.

Without any delay, Austin got down to absorbing the lizard's vital energy and blood essence. As a result, his physical strength started to increase by over seventeen hundred pounds.

This was a good start and brought in the required gains according to Austin. Although in theory, he could have had an increase of twenty hundred pounds in his physical strength after absorbing the vital energy of a level ten beast.

But that was the maximum possible amount of strength one could develop under ideal conditions.

While in reality, some of the vital energy was bound to be wasted during the extraction and absorption processes. So it was wrong for one to hope to have the extravagant chance of getting it all. Austin could only try his best and utilize the beast as much as possible.

And it had to be done as quickly as possible. Now he wondered, who should be next?

Austin unleashed his spiritual sense again, and his next target was chosen in a split second.

For Austin, it was a relatively easy job to pick a beast, kill it, use it and go on to the next one. He had ample chances, for the whole place was literally a hunting ground of level ten beasts. And as a level ten beast was only equal to a cultivator at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm, they were no match for Austin at all.

It could be said that this cultivation was as easy as pie for him, as he achieved success after success in the next couple of days.

On the first day, Austin managed to finish twenty five beasts of level ten and made their vital energy his own.

The first day's work had helped him increase his physical strength by about forty thousand pounds in total.

On the second day, the number of beasts he killed was beyond th

e Sunset Mountain. Everything went as he had planned.

And finally Austin had fulfilled his task and become stronger.

Now he felt it was time to leave the place.

So, he led his team and trudged down the mountain, leaving the dangerous and adventurous mountain range.

A long day of travel ended, and the Crystal Mine Mountain appeared on the horizon.

It was Austin's second visit to that mountain. Deep in that Crystal Mine Mountain, he had found the statue of the Sword Emperor, hidden in a burrow.

Standing outside the mountain area, memories came rushing as he thought of that statue.

Without the help of that Sword Emperor, he would have lost his life and soul to that greedy Jim in that weird city.

But again, if not for that statue, Malick wouldn't have been hunting for him in the first place.

If Malick wasn't after him, he would not have fled into the valley, and would not have ended up being transferred to Jim's city.

An effect cannot occur before its cause, but our lives were still riddled with coincidences. And one action leads to certain consequences which willingly or unwillingly we have to face and overcome. And these causes, actions and consequences become learning experiences of our lives.

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