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   Chapter 771 Seven Hundred Thousand Pounds Of Physical Strength! (Part One)

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After getting out of the valley, Austin unleashed his spiritual sense to probe the surroundings.

The area where he stood was not at all quiet and peaceful. How could it be! It was an active arena of level ten diabolic beasts within the Sunset Mountain.

Sensing across the range of his spiritual sense, Austin could see those level ten monsters hunting, foraging, fighting or simply wandering. They looked horrible and deadly even when they were not attacking people. But unlike others, Austin felt his blood boil at what he saw. The more he looked at them, the more excited he became. Because they reminded him of what he came here for.

It was a perfect place for honing the Beast Energy-extracting Skill. In Austin's eyes, the beasts present there could serve towards his development and the upcoming progress. In fact, he had planned it a long time ago.

When he recollected, he found that time was limited. Some time ago, he had found the Magical Beast Elixir in the Holy Tomb of the Veritable Demon Sect and used it.

A lot of things had happened after that. He had joined the Tiger Mercenary Team and came to the Sunset Mountain. After that, he had got trapped in that eerie city.

Around twenty seven days had passed since he had taken the Magical Beast Elixir.

The effect of the elixir would last only for a month, which meant that Austin needed to deploy the Beast Energy-extracting Skill as many times as possible to improve himself within thirty days.

But it was obvious that he had only three days left for the month to end. This meant he had quite a short time to attain the progress he desired.

But for someone who was as wild about cultivation as Austin, an opportunity like this was not to be missed.

He was so determined that he would use every last bit of the elixir in the last three days without wasting any of it.

Austin often did self-evaluation to assess his strength. From what he could see at present, his spiritual sense was his most powerful skill, which

mies around, they were most likely some Imperial Realm cultivators.

Considering all the above factors, Austin believed that the five corpse demons could provide absolute security for the girl in purple and her maid.

After making sure that everyone else knew what they were supposed to do and setting up proper protection for each of them, Austin got to work.

He threw himself into the practice of the Beast Energy-extracting Skill completely.

Soon, he found his first prey with his spiritual sense.

It was a black rock lizard of level ten.

A level ten black rock lizard was famous for its armor--a kind of thick cuticle structure covering all over his body which was hard as rock and difficult to break.

It was also a kind of beast of prodigious strength. Its tail could grow to be more than five meters long, and would strike like lightning.

Even a cultivator at the medium stage of Imperial Realm would find it to be a headache if he came across a black rock lizard of this level.

But facing this kind of lizard was almost like playing with a toy for Austin. Even before the lizard had realized his existence, he gave the first blow and started the fight. The duel ended fairly quickly. After resisting two fierce attacks from its heavy hammer-like tail, Austin turned and threw a punch on the monster's back.

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