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   Chapter 770 We Finally Leave That Hell

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After a moment had passed, the silence around them was broken.

"Hah! Master, this place is exactly where we were sent away!" Violet exclaimed.

She was the first one to recognize that place.

One by one, Tessa, Dahlia and her maid, Faye, also confirmed it.

All of them started to celebrate by cries of joy!

"Great! We finally managed to leave that city of hell!"

Dahlia was the most excited one and she shouted loudly, waving her hands wildly and jumping about.

"Master, what is actually going on?"

Violet asked Austin through the spiritual sense.

Austin told her what had happened briefly.

Violet was enlightened. She never expected that the city was not a real city but actually a sacred weapon! And it had been refined by Austin, while everybody else did not know how to deal with it.

At that moment, the gnome appeared beside Violet.

"Well, do you want to return to the city to have another look?"

It seemed like everyone was excited to have escaped from that city, except Austin. He put forward a question that was lurking in his mind.

"What? Return to that city?"

Tessa was puzzled.

"Did I hear it right? Are you suggesting that we go back to that city?

We escaped from it after putting in great efforts.

No, I will never return to that place. It was like hell,"

Dahlia answered quickly in a disagreeing tone.

"Well, don't worry about the city now. As long as you want, you can enter or get out of it any time.

You will never be trapped by it anymore," Austin said.

Hearing what Austin said, the three girls, Tessa, Dahlia and her maid, Faye, were all stunned. They reacted differently from Violet and the gnome.

"Austin, are you serious? What do you mean by that?"

Tessa could not help but ask him. She could not understand what was on Austin's mind.

"Tessa, why would I make a joke about it? Why would I joke with you?"

Austin retorted with a smile.

In an instant, he controlled the weapon with his mind and soon a force could be felt. It transported all of them into the transmitting passage.

Dahlia and Faye exclaimed loudly as they were not ready for it.

The next moment, all of them found themselves at a huge square, located before the Illusory Palace at the center of the city.

Tessa, Dahlia and Faye were startled when they realized this fact.

But before they could say anything or react to it, Austin surprised them more.

Austin sent all of them outside the city and back to the valley where they had been standing earlier. He did so by using the transmitting force of that sacred weapon.

'What is going on?'

The swift shifting between the locations stunned Tessa, Dahlia and Faye and they felt lost. After a long while, they woke up to face the reality and questioned Austin.

"Austin, how is this happening?

It was just like you said—as long as we want, we are able enter or get out of the city any time."

The previous experience left Tessa bo

ide the Illusory Palace?"

Before they left the valley, Violet suddenly asked Austin.

There were still more than thirty people who were trapped inside the Illusory Palace.

They were the four cultivators at the Master Realm, Tyson, Gordon, Jake, Malick, and more than thirty cultivators at the premium stage of Imperial Realm.

Austin was now the owner of the City.

So the destinies of all these people lay under Austin's control.

"Violet, please tell me something. If I had not gone there in time to save you guys, do you think the other people, including Jake, would have let you go?"

Austin asked after contemplating for a few seconds.

"They surely would not have let us go. If you had appeared a little late, we probably would have been killed there,"

Violet answered.

Austin continued, "Earlier in the Sunset Mountain, I had killed almost sixty disciples of the Sky Sect.

One day the Sky Sect will take revenge for that. They will never let it go easily.

Besides, I can notice from Malick's expression that he keeps thinking about the Sword Emperor.

If I release him, he will probably go back to find other powerful people and fight against me.

Moreover, due to Mark and the Magic Harp Player, I've also offended both the New Moon Sect and the Ghost Puppet Sect.

I'm sure the people around the Crystal Mine Mountain have seen the shadow of the Sword Emperor.

So, at this moment, maybe all the large sects, such as the Sky Sect, the New Moon Sect and the Ghost Puppet Sect, are all searching for me.

If I let these people out, my location will probably be found out in a short time.

So keeping all this in mind, do you still think I should let these people out?"

Hearing Austin's words, Violet agreed that it was not safe for him to let those people out now.

Otherwise, the news about Austin's whereabouts would surely be known by these large sects. And his life would be under threat if they all united and came for him.

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