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   Chapter 770 Make Peace

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'What's going on? Why did Jake try to bribe me with vital energy crystals and a six-grade elixir?' Austin asked himself silently.

After thinking for a while, he realized that Jake had actually taken the initiative to suck up to him for he didn't want to make him an enemy. After all, Austin had already eliminated his master.

Austin unleashed his spiritual sense to check the Soul-nourishing Elixir in the jade bottle and found that it was a medical pill which was good for souls.

However, now that he had powerful spiritual sense, he didn't think that a sixth-grade Soul-nourishing Elixir would be of any help to his spiritual sense cultivation.

Before Austin mastered the Spiritual Sense Liquefaction, he might need this elixir, but now, the Soul-nourishing Elixir was practically useless to him.

As for those five hundred superior vital energy crystals, Austin couldn't care less.

"So what? You destroyed my stuff, and bullied my companions. Do you think the little bribe you brought would work?

I never mess with others. But if other people provoke me, I'll make them pay, double the price!" Austin sneered.

'How pathetic, ' he thought to himself, as he looked down at the useless things in front of him.

"Austin, don't flatter yourself too much," Jake muttered, his narrowed eyes staring at Austin. "Anyway, I'm at the Master Realm.

Do not ever think that I'm afraid of someone like you!" he finished as a sneer appeared on his face.

The way he was treated despite him offering to make peace with Austin, even presenting him vital energy crystals and elixir, was unacceptable.

He felt insulted.

"Do you know that you speak too much?" Austin asked, returning a malicious sneer.

After that, he displayed his Demon-creating Skill again.

The next second, a spiritual demon showed up in Jake's Soul Sea, roaring and dashing towards his spiritual soul.

Startled, Jake turned his spiritual sense into two spiritual sense chains. With chains in its hands, the soul fought with the demon.

Jake had stronger spiritual sense than most Master Realm cultivators, but compared to Austin, his spiritual sense was too weak.

And because of that, no matter how hard Jake tried, he couldn't kick the spiritual demon that was terrorizing him out of his Soul Sea.

Within a few minutes of fighting the spiritual demon off, Jake already felt that he was losing more and more spiritual sense.

Sweat broke out on his forehead. He knew that he would be in grave danger if he didn't succeed in getting the spiritual demon out.

Suddenly, it occurred to him that Austin's cultivation base was lower than his.

Wasting no time, he ran his vital energy and the enormous vital energy gushed out from his body.

The dense vital energy made a huge black palm above Jake's head. The palm was 600 square meters in size, and

e had been extremely nervous, and now, all the anxiety and fear had vanished. A deep sigh of relief escaped his mouth.

Coming back to his senses, he realized how soaked his clothes were from sweat.

After seeing how Jake begged the lad in front of him for his life, every spectator began feeling much more scared of Austin.

Even Malick had changed his opinion of him.

After spending several hours with Jake, he was aware that Jake wasn't weaker than him.

'Jake has offered to make peace with Austin. Does that mean that I am no match for Austin?' he wondered silently.

Then he recalled how Jim had been killed by Austin. 'I think I might have severely underestimated that brat.'

After depositing the vital energy crystals and medical pills into his Space Ring, Austin glanced at the warriors around him sternly.

'I and the gnome saved these people from the altar.

They knew that these girls are my companions, but they still tried to take advantage of them.

If I had come to their rescue later than I did, perhaps Tessa and Dahlia would have already been raped by them, ' he thought, anger brewing in his chest.

Hence, Austin concluded that the cultivators around him were bad, and that he disliked them.

He found them to be disgusting.

"Let's get out of here," Austin said to the girls.

He then recalled the five corpse demons, over seventy corpse generals and four scorpion-tailed leopards.

Before his companions could react, the teleportation power Austin had summoned had already enveloped them.

A minute then passed.

"Where are we now?

Have we... Have we left that city?"

Violet, Tessa, Dahlia and Faye were dumbfounded by the new scene that unfolded before them.

They saw a valley with lots of trees, and they could hear all kinds of diabolic beasts roaring at a distance.

"Do you know where we are now?"

Austin asked them, smiling.

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