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   Chapter 768 Arrive In Time

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''Master, you are here!'' Violet exclaimed.

She was obviously way too surprised and ecstatic.

Yes, it was exactly Austin who came to save the damsels in distress.

''Are you okay, my dear princess?''

Faye hurriedly stepped forward and hugged Dahlia tightly. She had wished for Austin to come and save them.

''Hey lecher, that guy is an atrocious felon. You need to help me teach him a lesson!''

The girl in purple pushed the maid away. Her doe eyes rounded like two saucers because of fury. She kept angrily waving her fist at Jake.

''Austin, I am so lucky you arrived just in time.''

Tessa was still scared, and she dared not to ponder what would happen to her had Austin not come to save her.

''Don't worry, Tessa. I am here right now. No one can bully you again.''

Austin tried to console Tessa as he saw her pale and blanch face.

''They definitely have to pay for what they've done!'' Austin uttered in a stern tone.

He turned around and fixed his cold and merciless eyes on Jake.

As soon as he concentrated his mind, the spiritual sense devil suspended its attack in Jake's Soul Sea.

''It is you, kid!

You are still alive!'' Jake screamed.

He dared not to despise Austin anymore. Actually, he was visibly scared, and it was clear that things had already gotten out of hands.

The rest of the warriors were also surprised by Austin's sudden appearance. But what shocked them more was how Austin saved the two girls in just a flash.

Even those warriors at the premium stage of Imperial Realm could not easily save them from the hands of a Master Realm warrior so easily and swiftly. But Austin was able to!

''So you are the one who ruined my personal belongings, aren't you?''

Austin's face got darker as he surveyed the surroundings.

He saw more than 30 corpse generals and five scorpion-tailed leopards smashed on the ground.

Although he was already stronger than before and didn't need those weapons anymore, Austin still felt terrible seeing them destroyed.

After all, they kept him company for quite a long time.

Aside from being smashed to pieces, there were also apparent cracks on the corpse demons.

They absolutely wouldn't be able to return to their original state and be used in battles anymore.

''You are alive! Wh

d just like any other warrior at the medium stage of Sky Realm.

They were wrong to underestimate him; he was a strong warrior!

Jake started to regret his actions––he should not have tried to hurt Austin's friends earlier.

''Your name is Austin, right?

Well, you are really courageous and fearless.

We are nothing compared to your strength and what you have achieved. You are so young, and you have a very bright future ahead of you.

I am truly sorry for what happened earlier.

Why don't you give me a chance to make it up to you?

What do you say?''

Jake immediately put up his genuine and kind face once he found out Austin was way more powerful than he had expected.

He pulled a Space Ring off his finger, and a bunch of superior vital energy crystals dropped right in front of Austin.

There were almost five hundred superior vital energy crystals and a jade bottle containing a red elixir.

'What is this guy doing?' Austin curiously thought to himself.

A sly smile was plastered on Jake's face. ''Ha-ha. The level six Soul-nourishing Elixir might be helpful since you major in refining spiritual sense!

Treat these as my gifts to you.''

Jake tried to soothe Austin's mood by bribing him of those crystals and the elixir.

The rest of the warriors, even Malick, somehow envied Austin for getting a sixth-level elixir so easily.

In the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, even principal disciples of a decent sect still had a hard time accessing sixth-level elixirs. Austin was one lucky man!

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