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   Chapter 768 Bully The Weak By Being Strong

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Tyson and Gordon both kept silent as they heard Jake and Malick's words.

Austin saved all their lives. That was the undeniable true. But Tyson and Gordon didn't want to argue. They two decided to keep their mouths shut.

All the other warriors at the premium stage of Imperial Realm were of different opinions.

Some were in dumb silence––just like Tyson and Gordon.

While the others echoed Jake and Malick's resentment.

"Correct. That lad is only stronger in spiritual sense. It is the vital energy cultivation base that dominates a warrior's strength.

The cultivation base at the medium stage of Sky Realm is unworthy of even being mentioned."

"You are right. This lad is nothing at all.

We don't need to be kind to him."

They bravely expressed their opinions amidst Austin's absence.

The topic aroused a heated discussion among those warriors.

At the same time, lustful thoughts rose among them as they threw indecent looks on the maidens.

Jake was inherently erotic, and it showed evidently on how he gazed at the girls.

He was bold enough not to hide his lustful look on Tessa, Dahlia, and Faye.

Finally, his lust won over his rationality and was transformed into action.

Suddenly his hand stretched out in the air, grabbing towards Tessa's direction.

Tessa could only feel her body flying towards Jake as if he was in full control of her.

"I must share Austin's good fortune in love affairs.

I haven't met such a charming young woman for a long time. What a seductive stunner," he said with a sinister smile.

Irritated at Jake's vulgarity, Violet used her spiritual sense and commanded the corpse generals, corpse demons, and nine scorpion-tailed leopards to besiege him.

Meanwhile, she exercised her beast soul energy and illusion talent. Two illusory attacks were launched against Jake's Soul Sea.

With the slightest care, Jake reached out his right hand and tightly grabbed Tessa.

The other hand made a wave, giving out a mass of powerful vital energy force and forming a vital energy hurricane.

Over one hundred corpse generals, five corpse demons, and nine scorpion-tailed leopards were repulsed at once.

Among those corpse generals, at least twenty or thirty exploded into pieces, leaving pitch black corpse miasma drifting away with the wind.

Five of the nine scorpion-tailed l

d with taunt was clearly heard.

"Who is that?"

Jake felt his anger rise, yet somehow he also felt the voice quite familiar.

Suddenly, he felt a thundering howl in his Soul Sea.

A ferocious demon appeared out of nowhere and lunged at Jake's spiritual soul with tremendous spiritual sense suppression.

That was a spiritual sense martial arts skill!

Jake also had a compelling spiritual sense, so he immediately knew someone was exercising spiritual sense martial arts skill in his Soul Sea.

Judging from the spiritual sense suppression released from that demon, he knew his opponent had a much more powerful spiritual sense than him.

In a sudden fright, Jake urged his mind and formed a pitch-black chain with grotesque gloss, aiming at the spiritual sense demon.

The spiritual demon strode a step and grabbed the pitch-black chain in its hands.

In just a few jerks, the chain was cracked into four or five pieces.

Horrorstruck, Jake created another two pitch-black chains in his Soul Sea.

His spiritual soul held those two chains in its hands and launched attacks against the spiritual sense demon.

The unforeseen events happened quite swiftly in Jake's Soul Sea.

As Jake focused much of his attention on his Soul Sea, a figure suddenly materialized beside his body.

It was an abrupt appearance, and everyone was caught in an utter surprise.

It reached out a hand and snatched Tessa back.

Then, it delivered a punch and smashed Jake's huge vital energy palm into pieces. In a flash, Dahlia was taken back to Violet's side.

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