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   Chapter 766 They Were With Austin!

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There was a trace of Austin's spiritual sense in Violet's Soul Sea.

Therefore, she was able to bring Austin's corpse generals, corpse demons, and demonic beasts under control.

Finally, Violet casted her illusion spell––the gift she was born with––on the outside of the illusion arrays, creating a land of fantasy while strengthening their invisibility.

"Careful guys. Watch out for this Illusory Palace. Unusual things happen here. Don't trust your eyes and your ears. There are traps everywhere."

"He's right, listen to him. You have to be careful. Don't let the fantasy invade your Soul Sea, or you will be lost forever."

More than thirty men, including four Master Realm warriors, were approaching Violet and the other girls.

Each and every one of those warriors was fully aware of the danger in the Illusory Palace. So they had to move at a slow pace and act with extreme caution.

At the same time, they were also constantly reminding each other of the hidden risks that might be in every corner.

"Do you see that? There are people over there! That must not be an illusion.

I can guarantee that they are definitely made of human flesh and blood! They are real!

But still, who are these people? That's so weird. I thought only us, the old pal, and the young lad entered this Illusory Palace. Where the hell did they come from?

This is so strange," Jake murmured to the others.

He was the one responsible for sending out spiritual sense to monitor the surroundings. So he was the first one to detect the suspicious group of new guys.

Jake was the expert scout among the group. He had the most powerful spiritual sense and the most discerning mind.

Therefore, once Jake reached a conclusion, the others believed him beyond a shadow of doubt.

"See? Right here!

Inside this array, there are more than one hundred people there. It is guaranteed!" Jake pointed out to the others.

The spot he stood was exactly where Violet and the other girls had been hiding.

Violet's trick must have been working.

More than one hundred people were by no means a small number.

No wonder everybody was so scared that they took a few steps back intuitively.

Without being told, they assembled behind the other three Master Realm warriors, Tyson, Gordon, and Malick.

And the three of them, together with Jake, combined their spiritual sense and forged ahead to perceive clearer what was inside the illusion array.

"Jake is right. There are many living humans. But that's all that we can find out for now," Tyson confirmed.

The other three Master Realms agreed with him in conclusion.

The hideout place of Violet's group was not created hastily.

Otherwise, it wouldn't be that easy for her to make use of it, considering that she was with Tessa and the other two.

The combined spiritual sense of the four Master Realm warriors should not be belittled. Soon enough, they had a more accurate perception of what was inside.

"Oh, as many as one hundred. How come so many people are hiding here?

Maybe that old codger arranged for them as a trap!" yelled someone.

The crowd, especially some warriors who were still at the premium stage of Imper

st not humble ourselves unduly. Austin can only rely on his spiritual sense. He is no better than us," said someone.

"Yes, you are right. His spiritual sense gave him a slight edge over us back at the altar, but it was a particular circumstance. Austin is definitely no better than us.

There is nothing to be afraid of. And we don't need to respect him, because he is a mere nobody who is just at the medium stage of Sky Realm!

Also, don't forget that Austin is probably fighting the old fool right now. When the cat's away, the mice will play. They will fight to the bitter end. I doubt if Austin would survive this time.

That old fool is more powerful than we could imagine. He must not be ignored. I bet Austin would die a horrible death! Or at least the old fool would beat the shit out of him. Ha-ha-ha!

Austin is a mere nobody and there's nothing to fear!

So guys, what are we waiting for? Let's go and play with his slags!"

Jake was lost in his fantasy of Austin's tragic death and him taking over the latter's girls. He stared at Tessa and the other girls with eyes full of lust. He was reckless that he didn't even care to hide the idea lurking in his mind.

"Jake, have some dignity. What are you talking about? Who is the cat? Who are the mice? We aren't mice, are we? I am not a mouse. Austin is the mouse!

You know what? If Austin was here right in front of me, I would beat him to a pulp! I would chop him in two! That total nonentity!" Malick exclaimed between clenched teeth.

He and Austin used to bear each other grudges. And Malick was more than ready to take some retaliatory actions now.

"He will die––of course, he will die! Even if he managed to escape from the old fool, there's no way that he can break free of my control," Malick swore as he held his head high.

Malick, of course, was always full of talk.

But to be fair, Austin was just a warrior at the medium stage of Sky Realm. Even though he was an excellent fighter and a new superstar, there was still a considerable gap between him and the true Master Realm experts. No wonder those people would always look down upon him.

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