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   Chapter 766 They Might Find Us

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Violet remained silent and only flashed a smile.

Understanding that Violet didn't want to tell them about her relationship with Austin, Tessa dropped the topic.

However, Dahlia and her maid didn't let it go and instead kept on asking Violet. But no matter what they said, Violet kept mum, so the two girls eventually gave up.

The only thing on Violet's mind was her worry for Austin.

'Jim is too strong.

Even if Austin and the gnome fight him together, they might not be able to defeat him.

Besides, Jim is the master of this mysterious city; this is his place.

Who knows if he has some backup plans or other tricks up in his sleeves?' she thought.

Violet and Austin were connected, enabling them to communicate with one another wherever they were.

With that special connection, she could sense that her master hadn't gotten himself killed.

Since Austin and the four girls parted, he hadn't contacted Violet through spiritual sense yet.

And so did Violet. The two had not talked for a little while.

'If I talk to Austin while he's fighting with Jim, he will get distracted, and the consequences will be serious, ' Violet seriously thought.

Hence, worried as she was, she didn't contact Austin.

As the four girls grew impatient, they heard several people talking.

The voices seemed to be annoyed and irritated of something.

"Damn it! I didn't expect the gate of the palace to be so hard. We worked together to destroy it, and yet we still failed."

"This is not good. Illusory arrays are everywhere in this Illusory Palace. Besides, that old man has formidable spiritual sense. He could find us soon."

"If we can't get out of this palace, we will be caught by Jim sooner or later."

The men sounded so cautious. Just like Austin and his companions, they, too, wanted to get out of that palace.

"Be careful. People are coming," Violet alarmingly warned.

She detected, with her beast soul energy, that some cultivators were approaching their way.

A few moments later, dozens of warriors walked towards the palace where the four girls stood.

The maidens held their breaths, afraid of making any sound.

They were those whom Austin and the gnome had helped escape from the altar.

There were over thirty cultivators at the premium stage of Imperial Realm and four Master Realm warriors, including Tyson, Gordon, Jake, and Malick.

After fleeing from the altar, they headed towards the gates of the Illusor

n illusion array.

"Is Austin coming back to us?" Tessa inquired in a delighted tone.

She was relieved to know that Austin was safe and sound.

"Perhaps that lecher is back," Dahlia uttered.

She, too, was full of expectation in Austin's safe return.

The two were hoping that Austin was coming back to them.

Since Tessa and Dahlia had weak spiritual senses, they couldn't use their spiritual senses in the Illusory Palace.

"No, master is not here.

About over thirty strong cultivators are heading this way.

They might find us soon," Violet said with a stern look.

She grew cautious and silently studied the surroundings.

After activating her beast soul energy, she could feel that a group of more than thirty people was approaching and they were warriors at the premium stage of Imperial Realm or above it. They released a strong vital energy force.

'We are all girls. If they track us down, we will be in danger, ' Violet thought with arched eyebrows.

Although she was a demonic beast, she knew that not all humans had a good heart––especially men who had nothing but lust for women.

So she would always assume the worst in every situation.

'We wouldn't be able to defend ourselves if these people try to take advantage of us or kill us, ' she thought.

Hence, she immediately sent Austin several messages through her beast soul energy.

And meanwhile, to avoid being exposed while waiting for Austin's response, she summoned over a hundred corpse generals, five corpse demons, and several scorpion-tailed leopards back into the array to completely hide their traces from the passing cultivators.

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