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   Chapter 765 The Gnome's Fantastic Imagination

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After carefully studying the miniature city model in his hand for a while, Austin deduced that it could grow or shrink whenever he wanted to.

So he tested his theory and conducted experiments right away in order to find out if it was true or not.

"Get smaller!"

He ordered the city model in his mind.

The city immediately quivered and began to shrink rapidly.

After a few seconds, it had shrunk to the size of a peanut!

"Go on! Keep shrinking,"

Austin ordered it once more as his will was transmitted towards the city.

In an instant, there lay the city in Austin's hand, which was as small as a grain of sand. It was so tiny that Austin could barely see it anymore.

However, the City stopped shrinking even further afterwards no matter how hard Austin tried to do so.

Austin then realized that this must be its smallest size, and trying to shrink it even further was just a pointless attempt. Next, he decided to test just how big it could grow.

"Get bigger!"

Austin controlled the city with his will once more, this time ordering it to expand.

And suddenly, the city was like a balloon which kept on expanding and expanding.

It grew dramatically in size, from being as tiny as a grain of sand to the size of a peanut, and then to as big as a fist, which grew further to the size of a ball.

Then it suddenly rose from Austin's grasp and was suspended midair as it continued to grow even further...

Austin and the gnome stared wide-eyed, shock and utter amazement written all over their faces, as the city kept on growing like crazy.

The city model grew to the size of a house at first, then it suddenly expanded hundreds of square meters in size, and then it expanded further to thousands of square meters in the blink of an eye...

Until finally, an imposing city popped out in the sky.

It covered the entire valley below, blocking off the sunlight and enveloping the entire area in complete darkness. It was as if night suddenly fell on the whole valley.

"Well, it looks like I don't need to make it grow even larger. It has already reached thousands of square meters," Austin uttered in satisfaction.

He could clearly feel the changes in the city model as if he was connected with it.

"Yes, it has its own inner space apart from ours. It is another entirely different world which is tens of thousands of square meters large.

And it can occupy thousands of square meters in the outside world.

But, boy, with the level of spiritual soul energy you have now, you are only capable of supporting the external area of this city for just up to a few thousand square meters. Am I right?

If your spiritual soul energy were much stronger, perhaps the city could expand even further,"

the gnome speculated, after he unleashed his beast soul energy to sense the entire city.

"Yes. What you have concluded is quite true."

Austin nodded and quickly added, "With my current spiritual soul energy level, I am only capable of growing the city to just thousands of square meters in a very sho

for Austin.

Everyone started to feel annoyed and tense when Austin was still unable to show up after a while now.

"Violet, what do you think the lecher is doing right now? And what's taking him so long?

Do you think he has already left us behind and escaped on his own?"

Dahlia asked impatiently and anxiously.

Dahlia was an outgoing and extrovert kind of girl. She easily connected with strangers and became familiar with them in a short span of time.

And Violet knew that Dahlia had a bold tongue, so she chose to ignore her offensive questions about Austin.

"Oh, Dahlia, stop worrying already. I know my master. He's not the type of person who leaves people behind for his own selfish gain,"

Violet confidently stated and smiled to placate Dahlia.

"Well, I hope so,"

Dahlia muttered.

"By the way, Violet, why do you even call that lecher master?"

Dahlia suddenly became curious about Austin's relationship with Violet.

"In my opinion, he's not even a good man.

Violet, be careful not to be deceived by him! Don't trust him too much or you might get hurt."

"Yeah, Violet, I have always wondered why you call Austin as your master?"

Tessa, who also took an interest in their relationship, approached Violet, and curiously asked. It was as if Austin and Violet's relationship was too unexpected.

Violet had always maintained the form of a human girl, and her beast soul energy's power and her amazing talent for illusions were so amazing that she could perfectly cover up her smell as a demonic beast. One would easily be fooled by her appearance if they were not strong enough to identify her true identity.

Which was why Tessa, Dahlia, and the maid initially believed that Violet was a real human. The level of their spiritual sense was not strong enough to discover her true form.

"Sorry, it's a secret between me and my master.

I am not allowed to disclose this matter to you, so please don't ask this question again,"

Violet refused flat out to answer their queries.

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