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   Chapter 763 Control The City

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After he was done refining the blue stone ball, Austin had an absurd feeling.

He felt like he had consumed the whole mysterious city after refining the stone ball.

To his surprise, he started to perceive all the districts, streets, buildings––even all their rooms in the entire city.

What was more, he could even sense all the floors, slates and specks of dust in every corner.

It wasn't just recently when he couldn't even find his way out of one street.

However, now, as long as he wanted, Austin could sense every corner and marking.

'It feels like I can see everything in the city.

What's going on? Why this sudden change? How could I sense everything in this place?'

Austin was dumbfounded as to how his senses seemed to have evolved.

Soon enough, he had another surprising discovery.

It turned out that he could not only detect anything, but he also felt some strange yet close connection with the city.

He felt like the city had become an inseparable part of him.

It was as if he was the sole maker, the one who engineered the entire place. Everything was very mundane yet familiar to him. He felt as if he birthed the entire area.

Everything in the city, ranging from the plants and stones to buildings, was inseparably connected to him.

His soul and consciousness were both tied up to it.

Austin could instantly sense what was going on in any corner of the city. Moreover, interestingly, he could also manipulate it.

He then found out that a teleportation power existed in the secret room where he stood.

As long as he wanted, he could control the teleportation power to transfer him and the gnome to any place in the city. They could even leave that place.

Now the whole city was at the mercy of Austin.

It took him some time to figure out those things as he was too overwhelmed.

He then filled the gnome in on his surprising relation and bond with the city.

"So, you mean, the whole city is under your control now?" the gnome asked.

He was evidently flabbergasted to hear what Austin had explained.

It was natural for the gnome to respond like that. In fact,

n a bird's nest?' he wondered.

"Yes. This is where we have been trapped," Austin replied with a bitter smile.

He, too, was bewildered with their discovery.

If he hadn't refined the blue stone ball and had some connection with the city, he wouldn't have found out that it was hidden in a deserted nest.

He was lucky to have refined the blue stone ball.

"This city's internal space covers an area of more than ten thousand miles.

But it looks so small.

Looks like this is a treasure much like a divine weapon."

Austin and the gnome understood why they had failed to find a way out when they were struck in the city.

As far as Austin knew––from the lowest to the highest––spiritual weapons, sacred weapons, and divine weapons were the ranking of weaponry in the Prime Martial World.

The Purple Vital Stone he had taken away from Susan of Cyan Sect was a divine weapon.

Austin wasn't interested in neither spiritual nor sacred weapons anymore.

He didn't know if there was some weapon more powerful than a divine weapon.

As for the small city, he guessed it was a secret weapon made by some excellent weapon refiner. He speculated that the level of the city was higher than a divine weapon.

With a wave of his hand, the secret weapon flew towards Austin's possession.

Cupping the city in his hands, Austin and the gnome studied it carefully, obviously obsessing over its eminent power.

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