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   Chapter 761 A Mysterious Seedling

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Austin fixed his eyes on the fifteen corpse demons around Jim's remains.

He licked his lips, much like a predator ready to devour its prey.

'These corpse demons are much stronger than those in my bag, ' he thought, eyes sparkling in total joy.

He excitingly jumped up and landed beside Jim's corpse.

The gnome followed and moved to Austin's side.

Since his soul was destroyed, Jim also lost his chance of coming back to life and reincarnation.

But the spiritual sense marks Jim had attached to the corpse demon's spiritual souls were still inside them.

Therefore, they were still loyal to Jim.

They were still on a mission to protect his remains.

Watching Austin and the gnome approaching, they put on a twisted, minister look on their faces.

They released black putrid corpse miasma and dashed towards the two intruders together.

The gnome had already read Austin mind. 'He plans to take these corpse demons and make them work for him.

He doesn't need my help, ' he thought as he watched Austin.

He exerted Space Teleportation and stood aside.

Looking excited, Austin released all his physical strength.

He launched a single punch, which had a force of hundreds of thousands of pounds, toward the corpse demons.

Suddenly, the four corpse demons who had been hit retreated some steps backward and fell on the ground several hundred meters away.

The slate flooring was crushed, and four big holes were drilled on it.

However, the corpse demons instantly stood up from the ground.

As if nothing happened, they darted at Austin for another attack.

'They are strong. That's great, ' Austin remarked.

A gleam shone in his eyes as he was eager to fight such strong enemies.

'Looks like the fifteen corpse demons not only have higher battle force. Their endurance and physical powers are also stronger compared to the five corpse demons I have tamed, ' he thought, nodding his head in recognition.

It would be to Austin's advantage if he could also tame those corpse demons.

After witnessing their real strength, he decided not to waste any more time testing them.

He extracted fifteen flashes of spiritual sense and controlled them to penetrate the fifteen corpse demons' heads. Each ray of spiritual sense was enormously powerful.

Soon after, Austin found spiritual marks which Jim had left

ollecting bag.

As he studied the bag, he found that it was much better than his.

The bag could keep at least a hundred corpse demons.

Austin picked it up and placed the fifteen corpse demons in it.

He had just obtained more powerful weapons to use.

"What's this?" the gnome suddenly murmured.

It seemed like he had discovered something new.

The gnome moved towards the altar and stopped in a spot two hundred meters away from it.

He released his beast soul energy to check something.

Taking notice of the serious look on his face, Austin was certain that the gnome had seen something.

Austin moved to his side in an instant.

Looking at the gnome, he unleashed his spiritual sense to perceive his surroundings, trying to search what had caught the former's attention.

A couple of minutes passed, and he didn't find anything.

Out of curiosity, he asked, "What's happening?"

"This is the sign of spatial teleportation power. I found a teleportation passage under the palace," the gnome replied.

He still continued to use his beast soul energy as he probed further.

"A spatial teleportation passage?" Austin asked.

He was stunned to hear what the gnome had said.

He knew that teleportation power was a spatial force.

However, he was not very much familiar with spatial force.

He stood silently, waiting for the gnome to fill him in for more details.

The gnome extended his search and walked to another area.

He exerted his teleportation ability, and within a second, the place where he stood started to shake.

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