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   Chapter 760 Liquefying The Spiritual Sense Power

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After Austin had refined Jim's spiritual souls, he felt all the spiritual sense power in his Soul Sea began to turn into liquid.

It felt foreign yet still familiar somehow.

Just like flowing water converged into streams and rivers, all the spiritual sense liquid merged at the center of his Soul Sea.

Austin could even hear the faint sounds of waters.

Finally, a crystal clear lake of spiritual sense began to take form in the middle of his Soul Sea.

The lake covered a range of more than a thousand square meters. It rippled gently as if there was a breeze separating the waters.

'It worked!' Austin excitedly thought.

The formation of spiritual sense lake in his Soul Sea represented the perfect liquidation of his spiritual sense power.

The lake was highly concentrated from the spiritual sense power liquid, so each drop of water contained incredible spiritual sense power.

Austin felt at ease, and his mind was cleared of any worries. His eyes sparkled as he thought that he had immensely become psychologically strong.

Now his spiritual sense power was much stronger than before––even more than tenfold.

Only an Astral Realm master could liquefy spiritual sense power.

Moreover, only a small group of those masters had the capability to do it.

This meant that Austin's spiritual sense power was even stronger than many Astral Realm masters!

'Jim's power is incredible!

Although I just absorbed 40% of his spiritual soul energy, I was already able to liquefy my spiritual sense power.'

Austin was thrilled with his accomplishment.

He knew that it had consumed about 40% of Jim's spiritual soul power when the latter tried to resist the Sword Emperor's attack.

Besides, it was impossible to perfectly refine all the spiritual soul energy. About 20% of it must have been wasted in the process.

So, what Austin had consumed was only 40% of the total spiritual soul energy of Jim.

Yet even with that amount, Austin was happy to finally liquefy his spiritual sense power.

His spiritual sense power had definitely reached a new level.

After rechecking everything in his Soul Sea, Austin flashed a smile of satisfaction.

"Hey, are you still alive?

Old bastard, if you hurt the young man, I won't let you go!

Lad, are you okay? Let me know, please!" The gnome communicated with Austin

and tried to know whether he was alright.

When Austin stopped cultivating th

powerful now.

Even if he refined all those souls, it wouldn't do much to improve the cultivation of his spiritual sense power.

If the magic arrays were crucial to Austin before, now, with his power and strength, they were all trivial to him.

After leaving the sacrificial altar, Austin released his spiritual sense power and probed the situation in the Illusory Palace.

He found that there were magic arrays of various levels everywhere in the palace. They were forming into different illusory images.

Jim had evidently spent a lot of effort and time in building and filling the palace with magic arrays.

The palace really deserved its name!

Soon, Austin found the location of Violet, Tessa, and the other two girls.

They were in a high-level magic array.

In the Illusory Palace, the magic array beside the sacrificial altar was the most powerful among the others located in several places.

This meant that breaking down the other arrays would be much easier.

With Violet's current beast soul energy and her talent, it would not be a big deal for her to break those magic arrays.

Knowing that, Austin was the least bit worried for them.

"Look! That's the old bastard's body," the gnome said, pointing at the side of the altar.

Austin turned his gaze in the direction at which the gnome pointed.

He saw the shriveled body of Jim sitting there with crossed legs.

It seemed that the body was well-guarded.

Austin's eyes glittered as he saw fifteen corpse demons surrounding Jim's body.

Each of them had the adeptness of a cultivator at the premium stage of Imperial Realm!

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