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   Chapter 759 Refine Jim!

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The Sword Emperor took quick steps backwards as Jim closed in on him in a moment.

After preparation step by step, Jim's spiritual soul energy had reached an unparalleled level of strength.

Streams of overwhelming spiritual sense, visible even to the naked eye, billowed like a fierce storm.

On the other hand, the sword aura and sword intent created by the Sword Emperor became weaker and weaker.

While one was getting stronger and stronger by the minute, the other one was getting weaker and weaker.

It looked as if the game was set!

"Ha ha! Are you Sword Emperor?

Well, soon I will know the feeling of destroying an Imperial Stage cultivator!"

Complacent and proud of his advantage, Jim threw his head back and burst into laughter.

Instantly, all his spiritual soul energy took the form of two huge spiritual sense hands.

The two hands dashed from both sides and rushed towards the Sword Emperor.

All this while, the Sword Emperor kept trying his best to fight against the spiritual sense released by Jim. It seemed utterly impossible for him to avoid the advancing stroke.

But Austin was clear in his mind.

The wisp of Sword Emperor's will was no match for Jim, that was true! But it couldn't be so weak to be defeated in just a few rounds.

It was obvious to Austin that the Sword Emperor was showing weakness so as to induce Jim to approach him. That would give the Sword Emperor an opportunity to explode himself and severely injure Jim. But in doing so, both would perish together.

As expected, two streaks of fierce sword radiance suddenly glowed from the Sword Emperor's eyes and fixed upon Jim.

"Old dog, today is your last day!"

As Sword Emperor spoke these words, his momentum grew to an overwhelming level. He took one step forward, holding Jim tight in a sudden grip.


Jim cried out in alarm. An overwhelming sense of approaching crises rose in his heart.

But it was too late for him to take measures to stop the Sword Emperor.

The moment the Sword Emperor held Jim, an extremely dazzling explosive light ball burst out from the Sword Emperor's body.

Then about hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands streams of sword intent and sword aura erupted from the body of the Sword Emperor.

They pierced through Jim's body to cut and wreak havoc. Unable to escape it, Jim could only twist his body in great pain.

Finally, the Sword Emperor's whole body exploded!



d sword aura vanished.

And Jim's spiritual soul fell into a state of extreme frailty and weakness.

He had no strength left in him to stand against Austin's Soul-transforming Skill.

The unwilling shrilly cries also faded away as time went by.

But Austin was fully involved in the Soul-transforming Skill.

Slowly it seemed like Jim had surrendered to Austin's power, while he was engrossed in the absorption of Jim's spiritual soul energy.

As the spiritual energy passed into him, Austin could clearly feel his spiritual sense was growing stronger. And the process was now happening at a very rapid rate.

In his Soul Sea, things started to happen.

Liquid drops of spiritual sense started gathering.

Gradually, these spiritual sense drops merged with each other in Austin's Soul Sea.

The drops now formed a spiritual sense brook.

Austin's entire Soul Sea began to ripple with the new energy that had entered.

Austin could also hear the crisp and pleasant sound like that of running water in his Soul Sea.

Drops of spiritual sense were transformed into a rivulet, then into a river.

"I refuse to resign myself to this situation. I can never be defeated."

Jim's spiritual soul now had only a faint breath of life left, which was accompanied by glazed eyes and endless resentment and unwillingness.

His spiritual soul became smaller and smaller in size. It kept shrinking.

At last it dwindled down to the size of a peanut.

Then it vanished! Not a trace of Jim's spiritual soul energy was left!

The dignified and mighty cultivator at the Holy Stage had been defeated and destroyed here and now!

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